Making homemade Christmas ornaments is the perfect holiday kids craft! Today we are sharing our favorite ornaments kids can make that double as Christmas keepsakes that you can use over and over again on your Christmas tree. We have homemade ornaments perfect for kids of all ages.

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Oh so many ornaments that kids can make…

DIY Ornament ideas For Kids

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Some of my favorite holiday decorations are ornaments kids can make. Creating art that can be hung on a Christmas tree can be a fun way to spend time together as a family during the holidays.

From filling plastic globes to painting tin foil ornaments, there are so many ornaments kids can make. Some ornaments are traditional others are works of art and everything else fits nicely in between.

We’ve included some of our favorite ideas below, and you can also check out our Homemade Ornaments video series on YouTube for even more!

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Image shows a compilation of different ornaments for Christmas trees. text reads 75 Ornaments Kids Can Make - Kids Activities Blog
These ornaments are both cute and easy.

unique handmade Christmas Ornaments For Kids

1. DIY Tinfoil Ornaments

Image shows four DIY ornaments - a gift, Santa's hat, a Christmas tree and a candy cane. From  Kids Activities Blog
So simple and so cute.

Kids will love making these ornaments with just a few supplies from your kitchen cabinet and a little acrylic paint. These homemade Christmas ornaments are so easy to make.

2. POM POM Pine Cone Ornaments

Image shows three pinecones decorated for Christmas tree. Idea from The Nerd's Wife.
Nature always gives us the best presents.

Colorful pom-poms transform a simple pinecone into a cute ornament for your tree. A dab or two of hot glue should get the pom poms to stay on the pine cones.

3. Dried Orange Slice Ornaments

Image shows three dried orange slices holding from a tree. Idea from Red Ted Art.
Your house will smell deliciously.

Super simple and smells amazing! These dried orange slices are one of the easiest DIY ornaments. Your house will smell great this holiday season with this homemade Christmas ornament.

4. Yarn Embossed Ornaments

Image shows three DIY christmas tree ornaments made with yarn and colored paper. From Babble dabble doo.
Let’s put our imagination to work.

These yarn embossed ornaments will add lots of color to your tree. This is one of the easier DIY Christmas ornaments and great fine motor skill practice.

5. Coloring Book Christmas Dough Ornaments

Image shows a printable coloring page featuring birds and a dough ball next to it. Idea from Kids activities blog
We love hands-on Christmas activities.

Trace a coloring book page for unique ornaments created by kids! What a great way to use coloring pages and cookie cutters.

6. Spiral Ribbon Ornaments

Image shows Christmas tree ornaments shaped like a snowflake and a star. from Teach me mommy.
Look how festive this is!

It’s so easy to turn ribbons into beautiful ornaments. These spiraled ribbons kind of look like candy canes!

7. Glitter Toy Ornaments

Image shows three different ornaments kids can make with felt, cinnamon sticks, and bells. Idea from Kids Activities Blog
You won’t believe how easy they are to make.

Cover a small toy with glue and clear nail polish for a sparkly addition to the tree. The whole family can have a special toy ornament.

8. Seashell Ornaments

Image shows two pictures of seashell ornaments and dough, one has a photo of a kid. Idea from I can teach my child.
Let’s use those seashells from your last beach trip!

Make ornaments with seashells from your vacation. Turns out dough and seashells make cute ornaments!

9. Picasso Inspired Ornaments

Image shows play dough ornaments made to look like faces inspired by Picasso. From Kids Activities Blog
These provide hours of fun!

Grab some play dough and let kids create a self portrait  as a fun ornament. What I love about this is all family members can make one!

10. Candy Cane Ornaments

Image shows candy cane-shaped ornaments made with colored beads. From Playdough to plato.
Don’t eat these candy canes *giggles*

Practice pattern-making with these candy cane ornaments. This is one of the best ideas to replace all those candy canes no one ever eats.

11. Twig Tree Ornaments

Image shows twigs held together to make a Christmas tree ornament. From That kids craftsite.
Here’s another nature-based craft.

Use what you find in nature to make these Montessori twig tree ornaments. I love using nature to make beautiful ornaments.

12. DIY Angel Ornaments

Image shows an angel ornament made with feathers. From Powerful Mothering.
An angel craft is so easy to make.

Make angels out of pipe cleaners and feathers. What better way to bring holiday cheer than DIY angels?

Image shows a compilation of STEM Ornaments for Kids. From Kids Activities Blog
Let’s learn while we have fun making ornaments.

STEM DIY Ornaments for Kids

13. Icicle Ornaments

Image shows icicle ornaments made by kids in pink, blue and white. Idea from Happy hooligans.
Wow, look how beautiful these ornaments are.

These beautiful icicle ornaments double as a science experiment. I love crafty ideas that are also a science lesson.

14. Tinkering Trees

Image shows bolts and nuts put together to look like small Christmas tree ornaments. Idea from Left Brain Craft Brain.
You don’t need a lot to make these ornaments.

Trees made from nuts and bolts would be such a unique ornament. This homemade Christmas ornament may look intimidating to make, but follow the step instructions and you’ll find it is super easy to make.

15. Chromatography Christmas Ornaments

Image shows a Christmas tree with christmas tree ornaments inspired by chromatography. From Inspiration Laboratories
How cool!

Discover chromatography by creating these fun ornaments. You can put your own spin on Christmas ornaments.

16. Erupting Ornaments

Image shows two pictures of the process of making erupting ornaments - a science experiment. From Little Bins for Little Hands
Kids will have so much fun with this science.

Erupting ornaments are a fun science experiment. These would make a great gift to someone!

17. Sewing Card Ornaments

Image shows a set of Christmas ornaments made with paper and yarn. From Mr. Printables
This is a fun way to practice shapes.

Practice shapes with these simple sewing card ornaments. What a fun way to practice motor skills.

18. Slime Ornaments

Image shows clear ornaments with slime and toys inside. From Little bins for little hands.
So much fun to make and play with.

Make slime and add it  to ornaments — is it a liquid? Is it a solid? Who knows? The fun part though, is playing with it!

Image shows a compilation of ornaments inspired by snowmen. Text reads "75 ornaments kids can make" - Kids activities blog
Let’s make some snowmen inspired ornaments.

Snowman DIY Ornament ideas

19. Cork Ornaments

Image shows a snowman ornament made out of corks. from kids activities blog
We love upcycling crafts.

This cute snowman ornament is made out of corks! This is a great way to reuse items while making holiday decor.

20. Snow Globe Ornaments

Image shows an ornament filled with a snowman toy. From The nerds wife
What a fancy ornament.

Make a snowman out of your child’s fingerprint and save it as an ornament! Isn’t this one of the cutest Christmas ornament ideas?

21. Snowman Ornaments

Image shows a cd turned into a snowman face for a Christmas ornament. From Happy Hooligans
Try this upcycling craft.

Turn old CDs into snowman faces. This is easy to make and doesn’t require a lot of skill level.

22. Popsicle Stick Snow Ornaments

Image shows three ornaments made with popsicle sticks and buttons. From Happy Hooligans
The googly eyes are so cute!

Kids can decorate craft sticks to look like snowmen for this adorable ornaments. I love easy homemade Christmas ornaments.

23. Snowman Spool Ornaments

Image shows different snowmen ornament made out of thread spools. From Learning and Exploring Through Play
So cute!

Make a snowman ornament out of thread spools.  via Learning and Exploring Through Play

24. Olaf Ornaments

Image shows an Olaf ornament made with a coaster. From Crafts by Courtney
Who doesn’t love Olaf?!

Fans of FROZEN will love this easy Olaf ornament from a coaster. It’s a little bit holiday decor and also useful!

25. Cute Snowman Ornaments

Image shows two pictures of paper plate ornaments with buttons and ribbons. From Kids Crafts Room.
There’s no wrong way to make ornaments.

Use plastic lids to create cute snowman ornaments. This is one of the best homemade Christmas ornaments, because it lets you use all those mystery lids in the cabinets.

26. Recycled Can Lid Ornaments

Image shows snowmen ornaments made with recycled can lids. From Things to share and remember
Don’t throw away your used can lids!

Recycled can lids make adorable snowman ornaments! What a simple Christmas craft!

27. Washer Snowman Ornaments

Image shows a snowman craft made with washers looped together. from how we learn
What a creative craft.

Loop together washers for these snowman ornaments. It’s super easy.

28. Bottle Cap Snowman Ornaments

Image shows a snowman ornament made with bottle caps. from one artsy mama.
Enjoy this upcycling craft for Christmas.

Use bottle caps to create these snowman ornaments. How cute!

Image shows a compilation of ornaments you can bake like a gingerbread man, dried oranges, etc. from Kids activities blog
Your house will smell so good with these ornaments.

easy christmas Ornaments You Can Bake

29. Stained-Glass Ornaments

Image shows a stained-glass ornament made with salt dough. From  The nerds wife.

You can eat these stained-glass ornaments  straight off the tree! These salt dough ornaments are so beautiful.

30. Homemade Clay Ornaments

Image shows homemade clay ornaments in the process of making. from Tips from a typical mom blog.
So classy!

Homemade clay ornaments are perfect for saving handprints. These may be simple, but they are classy.

31. Cinnamon Ornaments

Image shows two star-shaped cinnamon ornaments. From Completely delicious
Mmmh, who doesn’t love the smell of cinnamon?

Cinnamon ornaments will last for years — spray with water to refresh their scent. These cinnamon ornaments will make your house smell so good.

32. No-Cook Cinnamon Ornaments

Image shows a heart-shaped no cook cinnamon ornament. Idea from Growing a jeweled rose.
We love ornaments that make the house smell delicious too.

This cinnamon ornament recipe takes mere minutes to mix up, and the ornaments will make your entire home smell just like Christmas!

33. Peppermint Candy Ornaments

Image shows melt peppermint candies inside cookie cutters to look like stars for ornaments. From Hello homebody
Is there a more Christmasy smell than peppermint candies?

Melt peppermint candies inside cookie cutters. These are so pretty, but I’d probably only use them 1 year and make them again the next.

34. Pressed Flower Ornaments

Image shows dried flowers in baked ornaments. from Twig and Toad stool.
We love natural ornaments like this.

Add dried flowers to baked ornaments for a natural look. You can press dried flowers, leaves, or even twigs to make a twig ornament.

35. Beaded Ornaments

Image shows perler beads cooked into cookie cutters for fun ornaments. From Red ted art.
There are so many different combinations you can make.

Bake perler beads in cookie cutters for fun and colorful ornaments. Grab some colorful beads next time you’re at the craft store.

Image shows several DIY santa ornaments for kids to make like painted rocks, light bulbs, and more. From Kids Activities Blog
Now it’s time to make some Santa ornaments.

santa DIY christmas Ornaments For Kids

36. Chalkboard Ornaments

Image shows a Santa craft that doules as a count down. From Three different directions.
A fun way to count down until Christmas.

Count down the days until Santa visits with this cute chalkboard ornament. Chalkboard paint is a must!

37. Santa Ornament

Image shows a santa ornament made with salt, shaped like a kids' hand. From Messy little monster.
This doubles as a cute keepsake.

Turn your child’s handprint into a Santa ornament. I’ve made these before, and they are absolutely darling!

38. Santa Hat Ornaments

Image shows a santa hat ornament made with popsicle sticks and white cotton balls. From Buggy and buddy
So simple. yet so cute.

Make Santa Hat ornaments from craft sticks and cotton balls. Craft sticks, cotton balls and some glue is all you need.

39. Wood Slice Ornaments

Image shows a wood slice decorated like Santa with cotton balls and googly eyes for an ornament. From  The eyes of a boy.
What an original idea.

Decorate wood slices for cute Santa ornaments. How cute! You can get the wood slices at crafting stores.

40. Paintbrush Santa Ornament

Image shows two paintbrushes made to look like Santa with googly eyes and felt hats. from Easy peasy and fun.
These brushes are just too cute.

A paintbrush can be turned into a Santa ornament with just a few supplies. This is so clever and one of my favorite easy diy ornaments.

41. Paper Star Santa Ornament

Image shows a Santa craft made to look like a star. From Buggy and buddy.
Kids will love coloring this Santa!

This Santa ornament is made out of a paper star. CUTE!

42. Lightbulb Santa Ornament

Image shows a lightbulb ornament decorated like Santa. From Mama Papa Bubba.
Super cute!

Make a Santa ornament from a lightbulb! What a great way to recycle old lightbulbs or you can use new, it is up to you.

43. Santa Hat Ornaments

Image shows a santa hat craft made with simple materials. from Creative family fun
Such an easy ornament to make.

These Santa hats just might be the easiest ornaments ever. This Santa hat doesn’t require a lot of skill to make so it is perfect for younger kids.

Image shows a compilation of ornaments made with clear globes. Text reads "75 ornaments kids can make"
Wow, aren’t these ideas so adorable?

snow globe handmade Christmas Ornaments

44. Video: Homemade Swirled Paint Christmas Ornament

45. Glitter Ornaments

Image shows a glitter ornament DIY craft. From the nerds wife
This craft is no-mess!

You just need three supplies to make gorgeous glitter ornaments that don’t leave a mess. All you need is glitter clear glass ornaments or clear plastic ornaments.

46. Oil-Diffusing Ornament

Image shows a clear ornament with spices inside. From Kids activities blog
Another ornament that will make your home smell so good!

Make your house smell AH-MAZING with a DIY oil-diffusing ornament. You can use whatever scents you want.

47. Globe Ornaments

Image shows three pictures of a clear globe with different fillings inside. From No time for flashcards.
You can do these crafts in just one minute!!

Fill globe ornaments with just about anything for a one-minute craft. Customize it any way you want.

48. I Spy Ornament

Image shows a kid holding a globeo rnament with a I spy card attached to it. Idea from Busy kids happy mom.
Kids will have so much fun playing I spy!

This “I Spy” ornament  doubles as a fun way to keep kids busy during the holidays.

49. Memorabilia Ornaments

Image shows a clear globe ornament with a baby item inside. From Fireflies and mudpies.
What a lovely keepsake.

Turn your child’s baby things into a beautiful ornament you’ll cherish for years. What a sweet keepsake.

50. Thumbprint Ornaments

Image shows a blue ornament with a painted thumbprint on top of it to look like reindeers. Idea from Little bit funky.
Sooo adorable!

Paint thumbprints onto ornaments to create reindeer. I’ve made these with my little ones and they’re darling!

Image shows different character ornament crafts for kids like charlie brown, darth vader, the ninja turtles, and minecraft characters. From kids Activities Blog.
Here’s a cool way to make your Christmas tree even more original.

Character easy Christmas Ornaments

51. Olaf Ornaments

Image shows a simple Olaf craft made with pom poms and googly eyes. Idea from Kids activities blog.
We love how simple this craft is!

Everyone’s favorite snowman, Olaf, is so cute made from pom poms. It looks silly just like Olaf.

52. Minecraft Creeper Ornaments

Image shows a Christmas ornament inspired by Minecraft. Idea from totally the bomb.
Perfect for Minecraft fans!

You won’t believe how easy these Minecraft Creeper ornaments are. These are great for any Minecraft fans.

53. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Ornaments

Image shows a set of Teenage Mutant ninja turtles crafts turned into ornaments made with toilet paper rolls. From Happy hooligans
Most kids will love making this craft.

Make Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ornaments from toilet paper rolls. The best part is, 2 toilet paper rolls makes all 4 turtles.

54. Sesame Street Ornaments

Image shows two ornaments filled with red and blue paper to create Elmo and the Cookie monster. Idea from Heart of Deborah
We love Sesame Street characters!

Little ones can fill plastic ornaments with paper to create Sesame Street characters. You can make: Elmo, Cookie Monster, Zoey, Oscar, and more!

55. Minion Ornament

Image shows a minion ornament made with a child's footprint. From I heart arts n crafts.
What kid doesn’t love minions?

Turn your child’s footprint into a minion ornament! This doubles as a sweet keepsake.

56. Frozen Ornaments

Image shows three ornaments frozen-inspired, like a snowflake, olaf, and the queen. From Undercover tourist

Gorgeous Frozen-inspired ornaments are really simple. You can make all your favorite characters.

57. Baymax Ornament

Image shows a Baymax-inspired ornament hanging from a Christmas tree. From Mom Endeavors.
Baymax is a kids’ favorite.

Make a Baymax ornament by painting a white ornament. This is so stinkin’ cute!

58. Star Wars Ornaments

Image shows a darth vader and a stormstrooper popsicle stick craft. Idea from Vick Barone

Create Darth Vader and Storm Trooper ornaments from craft sticks. The force is strong with these ornaments!

Image shows different Salt Dough Ornaments for kids shaped like hearts, christmas trees, candy canes, gingerbread man, and olaf. From Kids Activities Blog
Salt dough crafts are so much fun for kids and adults alike.

Salt Dough diy Ornaments

59. Rainbow Fish Ornaments

Image shows two rainbow fish ornaments mad with salt dough. idea from Artsy Momma.
These are such original ornaments.

These rainbow fish ornaments are beautiful. This makes me think of the Rainbow fish story!

60. Candy Cane Ornaments

Image shows three candy cane ornaments made with salt dough. From Fun at home with kids
These salt dough crafts are so easy to make.

Twist salt dough to create candy canes you can hang on the tree. We made these when I was a child…many moons ago.

61. Gingerbread Clay

Image shows a gingerbread clay ornament hanging from a Christmas tree. Idea from The Imagination Tree
There’s nothing more Christmasy than a gingerbread man!

Gingerbread clay is a fun twist on traditional salt dough ornaments. These also smell good!

62. Olaf Ornament

Image shows a footprint keepsake made with salt dough, inspired by Olaf from Frozen.
Another fun Frozen ornament!

Turn a footprint into an Olaf ornament with this salt dough craft. Another keepsake!

63. Christmas Tree Ornaments

Image shows a salt dough ornament that looks like a Christmas tree. From The Imagination Tree.
Make this cute keepsake and keep it forever!

Make a Christmas Tree out of your child’s handprint in salt dough. Salt dough is so versatile.

64. Sparkly Beaded Ornaments

Image shows a sparkly beaded salt dough ornament hanging from a window. From Artful Parent.
Sparkly ornaments are the best.

Sparkly beaded salt dough ornaments would be so pretty with the tree lights behind it. I love anything that sparkles.

65. Christmas Salt Dough Ornaments

Image shows three Christmas ornaments that spell JOY. tHey are made out of salt dough. Idea from Nurture Store
You can spell any word you want to celebrate the festive season.

Spell out season’s greetings with Christmas salt dough letters. Or spell out your family’s name.

66. Painted Salt Dough Ornaments

Image shows a batch of salt dough ornaments in different colors made by toddlers. From Alisa Burke
Toddlers will enjoy making this ornament with their own hands.

Toddler painted salt dough ornaments are beautiful art. Plus, it’s a fun family craft to do together.

Image shows different recycled ornaments like a christmas tree, a puzzle, an angel, a cork tree, and a felt tree ornament. From Kids Activities Blog

Recycled unique handmade christmas Ornaments

67. Video: Homemade Tinfoil Christmas Ornament

68. Christmas Tree Cork Ornaments

Image shows an ornament made with three corks and simple materials like googly eyes. From Kids Activities Blog
This is so simple but so much fun and original!

Make a Christmas tree out of corks.  What a clever way to reuse corks.

69. Penguin Ornaments

Image shows a penguin painted over a christmas ornament hanging from a tree. Idea from The nerds wife
Let’s draw a fun penguin!

You won’t believe what these penguin ornaments are made out of! They’re adorable homemade Christmas ornaments.

70. Angel Ornaments

Image shows an angel christmas ornament with a red ribbon around it. From Your Modern Family.
Who knew making angels would be so easy?

Use noodles to make beautiful angel ornaments. Who would have thought making angels could be so simple.

71. Wonderful DIY Beautiful Snowflake Ornaments from Plastic Bottles

Image shows three pictures of original ornaments made out of plastic bottle bottoms. Idea from Wonderful DIY
You don’t need a lot to make these ornaments.

Upcycle your old plastic bottles to make an eco-friendly, easy, and super cute ornament idea.

72. Christmas Tree Ornaments

Image shows a cute Christmas tree made with buttons and felt. Idea from Buggy and buddy
Grab your favorite, colorful butons!

When kids button ornaments on this cute Christmas tree, they’re practicing fine motor skills.

73. Holiday Card Ornaments

Image shows a holiday card turned into an ornament and hanging from a tree. Idea from The Chaos and the Clutter
Here’s a fun thing to do with your holiday cards.

Turn all those holiday cards into ornaments that you’ll keep for years to come. I love this! What a great way to keep those cards that you don’t want to throw out.

74. Paper Mache Tree Ornament

Image shows a paper mache tree ornament made with newspaper. Idea from Buggy and Buddy
Don’t throw away your old newspaper!

Make a paper mache tree ornament from old newspaper. I love paper mache, it is so underrated.

75. Paint Dried Pasta Ornaments

Image shows a paint dried pasta to make ornaments. Idea from Cutting Tiny Bites
Imagine all the fun shapes you can make.

Paint dried pasta for beautiful and interesting ornaments. Who knew pasta would be great for crafting?!

How to Use Ornaments

One of the best kid-made gifts is a handmade ornament. Simply add a ribbon and gift card to the Christmas ornament and give to a friend or relative. Wrapping the ornament in clear cellophane and wrapping with ribbon and a gift tag is another easy way to gift a homemade ornament.

Why do people like Christmas Ornaments?

Christmas ornaments are more than pretty holiday decorations to hang on a Christmas tree. Christmas ornaments hold memories and family traditions from year to year. That is one of the reasons why I love homemade Christmas ornaments so much because the memories held in a handmade ornament is so much more than something bought at the store. Homemade ornaments also make great gifts even for people who are hard to buy for because everyone has a little extra space on their Christmas tree for a handmade ornament made for them.

Where did the tradition of Christmas Ornaments come from?

The history of decorating a tree for Christmas started back in the early 1600s in Germany when people took fur trees inside and adorned them with paper decorations, candles and fruits. The tradition of the Christmas tree was brought to America in the 1800s. Learn more about the history of Christmas ornaments at Christmas HQ.

Homemade Christmas Ornaments FAQs

What kind of glue do you use for DIY ornaments?

When making handmade Christmas ornaments, use a sturdy craft glue or school glue. If it would be easier to have the glue dry faster, then enlist an adult to help with a hot glue gun.

What do you fill an ornament with?

One of our favorite homemade ornaments to make start with clear ornaments. There are so many ways to fill clear plastic ornaments in a way that kids can get involved. You can also use a clear glass ball as a foundation for a paint craft inside the ornament which is easy for kids to do. One of the easiest ways to make clear fillable ornaments is to use fake snow, confetti, glitter or small Christmas trinkets inside.

How do you get glitter to stick inside an ornament?

If you want to create a colorful glittery inside to a clear ornament, then start with a glitter glue or glitter paint. Dilute the glitter glue or paint so that when you drip it inside the clear ornament, you can let the glittery color move around inside coating the interior of the ornament.

More Christmas Activities From Kids Activities Blog

Whew! Now that list has a lot of fabulous homemade Christmas ornaments kids can make. Which ones do you plan to make first?


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