Paper plates.  Not only are they *great* for making meal times easier they are fun for creating! We all have memories of paper plate crafts – and I am sure our kids have created their fair share of paper plate animals.  But I bet they haven’t made most of these crazy things made from paper plates. Crazy things you can make with paper plates

Crazy Paper Plate Creations

Get crazy with a collection of paper plate masks.  This 3D lion mask is just adorable!  Perfect for hours of pretend play! Help their brains be active – have your kids create some paper plate mazes and puzzlers to solve together.  All you need is a paper plate, markers and a magnet. Stop and smell the roses, or at least make some paper roses!  This craft is super simple and the result is gorgeous! You can also help your kids learn to tell time – make a sundial from a paper plate! Make a fun cookie platter – all you need is one of your kids favorite toys, and a plate! Having a party but you don’t have a pinata?  This paper plate pinata takes a couple of minutes to make and is a blast to hit! DIY Paper Plate craft Looking for more and more ideas?  Here are another 80+ things your kids can make – all with paper plates! things to make with paper plates

Things to make with a paper plate

Get your game on – with some indoor baloon tennis!  Make the paddles from paper plates!  Genius! Create a purse from some plates.  This bunny purse  made from plates is perfect for Easter! Do your kids like noise?  What kids don’t?  Make a tamborine with plates and some bells, or even beans or buttons! Now this is AWESOME!  One day we are going to make a giant ball, a polyhedron, from paper plates!  So cool!   Make a hammock for your dolls!  You can weave one using a paper plate as your loom.  The result is both pretty and functional! Crazy things you can make with paper plates2 Go big!!  Build for the sky, or at least the ceiling.  Create a sculpture using circles.  Fun! It’s a paper snake – and it actually flies!  Your kids will love running around the backyard with their snake! more paper plate ideas

Paper Plate Toys

Go race your marbles!  Make a rollercoaster for your marbles to race down using stiff paper plates.  The dip in the plate is perfect for a track. Play with Paper Plates!  Make a ringtoss game using paper plates. Infinity.  What does that mean?  Watch it in action with one of these  things you can make with a paper plate. DIY Paper Plate craft Frisbees are a blast to play with!  Make your own.  Flip to plates over, cut out the inside and tape together.  FUN!  And this paper plate frisbee  glides better than anything!  

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