One of my goals has been to make amazing homemade Halloween costumes for my kids so, I love seeing costumes made by other parents. This Mom Made Her Son An Oogie Boogie Costume and It’s So Cute, I Can’t Believe My Eyes! The mom, Madelena Weeks is from Fort Hood, Texas and decided to make her son Benjamin a homemade Oogie Boogie costume. Ya know the Boogie Man from The Nightmare Before Christmas?  I am pretty sure she nailed it so much, he will win the costume award of the year! Madelena posted on Facebook the adorable videos and they have since gone viral (and how could they not?). In the videos, you can see the little boy walking around in his new costume and the adorable thing is, he looks just like Oogie Boogie does from the movie! In an interview, Madelena said that her son Benjamin was “really mesmerized” by the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, so she wanted to dress him up as Oogie Boogie for Halloween. Since she wasn’t satisfied with the costumes she found online, she made her own. Yes, she even sewed on colorful spiders to his lower left leg. The best part is, she plans to dress up as one of Oogie Boogie’s henchmen and turn her pug into Zero, the ghost dog. How awesome is that?! I seriously cannot wait to see the pictures from Halloween!  While this costume is amazing, I don’t think I could pull if off this close to Halloween so in case you’re like me, you should know that you can get a similar costume on Amazon here.

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