Avengers: Endgame is releasing this week and we’ve got nothing but superheroes on our mind. That’s exactly why we made this Thor Stormbreaker Axe Bookmark. It’s the perfect craft for little hands to make but it also is perfect for booking that page in your favorite superhero book! If you love reading, Thor or even superheroes in general, you’ll love this bookmark craft!

Thor Stormbreaker Axe Bookmark

What you need to make it: How to make it: First, start by painting your craft stick brown and allow it to dry entirely. Next, carefully trace out your stormbreaker (the top part) of Thor’s axe using the pencil onto the grey cardstock. Cut this out. Now, use your hot glue to attach the stormbreaker part onto the top of your craft stick. Next, carefully take your DMC floss and wrap it around the top of the stormbreaker creating a pattern like shown below. You want to cut off the DMC floss and use a bit of hot glue to secure it on the back. Finally, add some DMC floss around the middle and bottom of the craft stick by wrapping it around the stick. Cut the floss and adhere it using hot glue. That’s it! You’ll have a fully finished Thor Stormbreaker Axe Bookmark and it is totally cool to play with too! Want more fun Avengers themed ideas? Check out Avengers Party Ideas Here that include Avengers themed crafts and recipes! 25 Avenger Party Ideas

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