30 Slow Cooker Recipes For Every Occasion

Attention! Your slow cooker just got promoted! There are so many more dishes to make with your slow cooker than just a chilli or a pot roast.

  • Vegetarian dishes, 3 ingredient side dishes, never seen before chicken recipes.
  • Did you know you can cook fish in slow cooker?
  • How about melt-in-the-mouth desserts?

crock pot vegetarian recipes

Vegetarian Slow Cooker Recipes

You will never miss bacon in this recipe of baked beans. via kitchentreaty

Make a healthier version of mac and cheese in the crock pot. via hiddenfruitsandveggies

How to roast vegetables in the slow cooker. via chocolatecoveredkatie

Crock pot spaghetti squash. Easy peasy! via modcitymag

meatless crock pot recipes

We love this super simple and delicious lentil soup in the crock pot. We eat it every week. via playtivities

Perfectly caramelized onions in the slow cooker. via theyummylife

Crock pot baked potatoes. via myfrugaladventures

We all know that the best spaghetti sauce is when it’s cooked long time and on low heat. So why don’t use slow cooker? via shugarysweets

3 ingredient slow cooker recipes

crock pot meat balls

Healthy chicken spaghetti with meatballs in the slow cooker via thekitchenmagpie


3 ingredients easy chilli recipes in the crock pot. via iheartnaptime

 Slow cooker fish recipes

slow cooker fish recipe

Poached salmon. Slow cooker recipe. via Thekitchn

Thai chicken soup in the slow cooker. via Foodiecrush

Crock pot recipes with chicken

chicken crock pot recipes

Creamy chicken tacos crock pot. Only 3 ingredients. via thepinningmama

Garlic chicken Alfredo in the crock pot. via thefrugalgirls

Sweet and sour chicken in the crock pot. Only 3 ingredients. via seededatthetable

chickenn recipes

Pesto chicken in the crock pot. 3 ingredients only. via thefrugalgirls

Salsa verde chicken. Sounds yummy! via favfamilyrecipes

Bake whole chicken in the crock pot. 3 ingredients. via number-2-pencil

Ranch onion chicken. via thefrugalgirls

Crock pot chicken salsa. Delicious! via thefrugalgirls

Slow cooker dessert/breakfast recipes

crock pot desserts

Sugar free apple sauce made in slow cooker. via detoxinista

Slow cooker cobbler with all the berries. Now that’s the dessert! via foodfanatic

Make your own yogurt in the slow cooker. It is pretty simple. I do it all the time. via inthelittleredhouse

sweet things to cook in crock pot

Slow cooker fudge. Looks irresistible. via lecremedelacrumb

Easiest crock pot apple crisp recipe ever! via alazygirl

Slow cooker pumpkin coffeecake oatmeal. Wait…what? coffeecake in the slow cooker? via healthyslowcooking

Slow cooker baked apples. Always a winner in my house! via thrivinghomeblog

crock pot recipes

We hope you found a list of slow cooker recipes that your family can enjoy.

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