Doing things together as a family has been a big goal of mine.  It is one of the reasons why I love being a part of Kids Activities Blog.  Finding simple things to do that don’t take a long time to set up, cost a lot and slip effortlessly into everyday life is the plan. This fit into our roll as a Together Counts Blog Ambassador perfectly!  Together Counts  (Kids Activities Blog sponsor) is all about energy balance.  Energy balance means balancing the calories we consume with the calories we burn.  And everything is better as a family! Year of Family Activities   The Together Counts program was started by The Healthy Weight Commitment Foundations to help reduce obesity – especially childhood obesity! The fun thing about making energy balance as a family part of your schedule, it makes you more intentional about food choices, activity ideas and spending time together.  It is all good! I thought it would be fun to collect some seasonal ideas for family activities.  We are all about giving your family options for fun!Family Activities for the Whole Year - Kids Activities Blog

Year of Family Activities

Obviously, many of these things would fit into another month’s calendar.  And if you haven’t picked up our daily play calendar, check out the box below this post to subscribe to the Kids Activities Blog eNewsletter.

January Activities

Stuck Inside Games - Together Counts - Kids Activities Blog These Stuck Inside Games have been one of our most popular posts over the last year.  It was what kicked off our Together Counts Ambassadorship!  I love how getting the wiggles out doesn’t have to be an outside thing…a very important fact for a mom of 3 boys.

February Activities

Make this Valentines Day family day This February, make Valentines Day, Family Day!  This holiday celebrates love and here are some ways your family can show it.  My favorite idea on this list is the fourth one…do your kids know your love story?

March Activities

fun school night rituals Adding these creative School Night Rituals may help ward off spring-fever and the questions that surround summer break.  I love how these go WAY beyond, “how was your day at school?”

April  Activities

Easter Egg Hunts for the Family   These active Easter Egg Hunt Ideas are some of my family’s favorite.  We have a yearly ritual that extends egg hunting into rounds and lasts for hours of giggly fun.  You are not obligated to the hours, but here are some ideas that will make Easter weekend a family memory.

May Activities

Family Activities that bring outside in   No matter the weather, these simple family activities bring the outdoors inside.  This is super fun because there is a big trend in design to bring the outdoors inside, but why not the fun?

June Activities

Farmers Market - Kids Activities Blog Heading to the Farmer’s Market as a family in June is one of my family’s favorite activities.  OK, I might enjoy it even more than they do.  I love how everything can be touched, smelled and learned about.  Even though the one near our house just has a few booths, it is always an event!

July Activities

Creative Ways to Use Kiddie Pool We live in Texas where July is very hot.  We do not have a pool.  My family is usually on a public pool and waterpark tour by mid-July, but these Creative Ways to Use Your Kiddie Pool are a life-saver when I am  too tired to trek to another pool!

August Activities

Family Backyard Camping Ideas Backyard Camping Activities can be a ton of fun.  No need to travel and shhhh….I will never tell if you bring everyone back inside before falling asleep!

September Activities

Back to School Meal Planning Back to School Meal Planning can be a family affair!  My kids have been making their own lunches since Kindergarten with me as their sous chef.  It has been a ton of fun and helped them be more responsible in remembering their lunch.

October Activities

Grilling with the Entire Family   Grilling with the Entire Family makes a meal an event! There are lots of ways that kids can help which benefits everyone.  When they are invested in the process, sometimes they are more willing to try new things {bonus}!

November Activities

Thanksgiving Activities for Families I love Thanksgiving because it is already about food and family!  These Thanksgiving Activities for Families help promote the season’s spirit with some active family fun.

December Activities

Weekend Activities for Families December  is a time that routine is often thrown out of the window because everyone is busy.  These simple Family Weekend Activities don’t spend a lot of time or money and can get everyone playing together. Get together and spend some time!  Consider energy balance as a part of your family’s daily adventure.  Check out Together Counts for even more ideas. Thanks so much to Together Counts for being a sponsor of Kids Activities Blog and inspiring us to follow our plans of family activities.          

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