Everything you need to know to get through  the toddler years. Toddlers are tough, unpredictable and extremely loud. Sometimes it feels like there is no possible way to make it through the toddler years with your sanity in tact. Which is why we have compiled the most useful information that moms of toddlers need to get through the day.   making it through the toddler years

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How to get through the toddler years

  Tantrums – The dreaded stage. Those terrible twos that seem to last a lot longer than one year. The thing is, tantrums are inevitable, they are a part of every child’s life. This fact doesn’t make it easier to deal with at the time. One mom shows why she is actually okay with tantrums at her house (you’ll have to let us know if you think she’s right or crazy). Better than that, there is one sure-fire way to prevent toddler tantrums  all together. We tried this one at our house and it definitely worked for us!   Biting – One of the most frustrating stages. The biting. Who knew teeth that small could be so sharp and have such incredible force behind them. If you’ve got a biter on your hands you might find this toddler life hack handy. One simple phrase that can make all the difference and teach kiddo that biting hurts. If that doesn’t work and your toddler just keep biting, you could try a biting bear. It’s a simple tactic, but giving them something that is okay to bite helps them refrain from biting things (and people) that they should not.   get through toddler years   Waking up at night “ This one is huge. Everything is easier when you are getting a good night's sleep. I never thought waking my kid up at night would actually help every one sleep better, but it does! There's actual science behind it. Check out this mom's tip and see how she gets her kids to sleep longer in the craziest (but easiest) way possible!   Potty training “ This one is a doozy. Personally, I began dreading potty training around 45 minutes after the birth of my first child. It's such a major milestone and there's zero preparation that parents are given before it needs to happen. Maybe this is why I went for the anti-potty training method (which ended up working brilliantly, by the way). If non-potty training isn't for you though, we ™ve come across this potty training manual which is extremely helpful! surviving with toddlers Losing the pacifier “ While we expect babies to carry them, at some point in a toddler's life the paci has to go. Depending on the kiddo this can range from a big deal to a traumatizing ordeal! We fell in love with this tip from Your Modern Family about how to give up the paci in the sweetest way possible (no bribes, fighting or tears).   Picky eating “ Toddlerhood is when children realize they are allowed to have an opinion. About everything. Those opinions seem to be most loudly expressed in regards to what they will and will not be eating. Getting  toddlers to eat vegetables may seem next to impossible, but this mom had a brilliant idea that is working WONDERS in her house! For general pickiness, try these tips from a pediatrician.   Bath time “ Some toddlers love them, so this won’t apply to every one but if you get one of the special little ones that loathes baths, you should try a bath hat. It keeps water out of your toddler’s face, so she can have fun in the bath with no fear. If your kids still need some convincing that baths are something that should happen more than once a year, try these easy recipe for homemade bath paint!   Are you deep in the toddler years? We hope these tips make your days with toddlers a bit more sane and a lot more fun!

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