We eat eggs almost every morning. Understandably it gets boring after a while and it gets harder to get kids to eat a healthy and nutritious egg breakfast. That’s where these 20 Healthy (and Super Cute) Egg Recipes For Kids come in. Whether you’re looking for last minute Easter egg recipes, or if you’re just thinking ahead and looking for recipes to use leftover Easter eggs, we’ve got you covered! 20 Healthy (and Super Cute) Egg Recipes For Kids

20 Healthy (and Super Cute) Egg Recipes For Kids

Mama has to get creative, on the regular! These ideas are egg recipes for toddlers, and big kids, too! When gathering the recipes, I had 3 criteria: healthy, easy to make and cute to look at. I will admit – not all of these egg recipes are easy to make, but you can always improvise, and make it your way! La Jolla Mom‘s Healthy Egg Flatbread Pizza is so yummy that no kid will say NO to it! Crescent Roll Carrots Filled with Egg or Ham Salad, from Hungry Happenings, is such a fun idea!  i Heart Naptime‘s Giraffe Lunch will quickly become your kiddo’s favorite!  Fancy EdiblesSleepy Rice Bear In An Egg Blanket is almost too cute to eat! How cute and creative are these Egg Mushrooms, from Roxy’s Kitchen20 Healthy (and Super Cute) Egg Recipes For Kids Roxy’s Kitchen‘s Egg Penguins are really hard to resist. You will make your child’s morning!  This Spring Chick Egg Breakfast Sandwich is perfect for Easter breakfast!  BS’ In The Kitchen‘s Micky Mouse Egg Sandwich would be a cute way to tell kids about an upcoming Disney trip!  The Nerd’s Wife has the best version of Deviled Eggs With BaconRoxy’s Kitchen‘s Easter Bunny Face is another cute Easter breakfast idea! Spaceships and Laser Beams has a recipe for The Best Egg Salad Sandwich, and it’s the perfect way to use up all of your dyed Easter eggs! 20 Healthy (and Super Cute) Egg Recipes For Kids Poached Eggs in a Potato and Cheddar Cheese Nest, from Yummy Mummy Club, is a sweet way to ring in spring!   Easy Baked Egg, Ham and Cheese is a quick and easy way to start their day with a warm meal! The Pig and Quill‘s Spicy Deviled Egg Dip, is amazing… and also egg salad! Tara DennisHearty Egg-in-Toast Breakfast is perfect for a Valentine’s Day or Birthday Breakfast! Mmmm, these Egg Muffins With Veggies from See Vanessa Craft aren’t just delicious, they’re healthy, too!20 Healthy (and Super Cute) Egg Recipes For Kids Make an Egg Bowl From Crescent Dough Filled With Easter Eggs with this unique recipe from Hungry Happenings! Check out this tutorial from Just a Taste and learn how to make Jell-O Eggs inside real egg shells! This Breakfast Sandwich Monster is the perfect breakfast for your little monsters! Celebrate winter year-round with an Egg Snowman, from Roxy’s Kitchen20 Healthy (and Super Cute) Egg Recipes For Kids

Why Serve Kids Eggs?

They are a quick and healthy way to start your kid’s day right with protein and other nutrients. Plus, cooking with eggs is a wonderful way to spend time together in the kitchen, and allow kids to express their creativity, while making memories!

More Healthy Snack Ideas For Kids

It can be a challenge to keep kids interested in healthier snacking options. These recipes are favorites in our house:  Do your kids like eggs? Comment below with their favorite way to eat them!

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