Color By Letters P, Q, R, S, T {Free Kids Printable}

Let’s work on P, Q, R, S  and T  with these sweet  color by letters worksheets!

Color by numbers and letters are my favourite kind of worksheets for kids    – I mean who even notices the learning part when you are having so much fun?

Color by Letters

Color By Letters

There are so many different ways your kids can learn the letters and I think the more fun the way the better it is for them! If your kid loves to color these “worksheets” might be just the thing for them!

The Color by Letters   set includes:

  • 1  page  where kids have to color the P’s and p’s.
  • 1  page  where kids have to color the Q’s and q’s.
  • 1  page  where kids have to color the R’s and r’s.
  • 1  page  where kids have to color the S’s and s’s.
  • 1  page  where kids have to color the T’s and t’s.

Click to download and print:

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Free Printable Color By Letters

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  1. cindy L carter says:

    I really feel a bit ignorant for having to ask this but I need to know so….. I haven’t looked at ALL the color by letter worksheets, just the PQRST so far. I LOVE this idea. Something different for the kids in learning their letters with a bit of a “mystery” for them to figure out. However, I’m a little confused on some of the images :O The “T” I assume is for toes, the “P” for person, “Q” for quarter note??? I am not musically inclined but that’s my best guess. The “R” with the fork confuses me and the “S”, I’m just not sure what this is. So before I introduce this to the boys I thought that I better find out what the pix are so that I can help them. Maybe you could add the name of the image with the download?? Thank you so much!

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