Baby games weren’t something that I thought about when I was pregnant with my  kids.

I truly thought that my babies would sit, stare, and enjoy snuggling in my arms.  And, they did…for a while.  But before I knew it, simple baby games became a way for me to keep my active babies  happy – which made for a happy Momma, too.  Here at Kids Activities Blog, we love  activities that encourage  play everyday.  That’s why I’m thrilled to share these playful  baby games that are simple, quick, and oh-so entertaining!


Things That Roll – Baby Games

Explore textures with things that roll  | Plain Vanilla Mom

Turn a box into the easiest baby game ever.

Need a baby game while you make dinner?  Here’s an unexpected baby game  in the kitchen.

Roll a hula hoop along the ground for baby to watch or to catch.

Head to the kitchen and grab  a bowl to set up  this simple rolling baby game | Learn with Play at Home


Who would have thought you can use an exercise ball for these  simple baby games?!  | Pink Oatmeal

Use a hula hoop for baby to place  balls in like a basket ball hoop.

Make your own baby toy that shakes, rolls, and spins! | Playtivities

Use a ball for baby’s first magic trick | Laughing Kids Learn

Take some trucks to a park with a hill and watch them roll <—older babies will be challenged by trying to push the trucks back up the hill!


Make a simple ball drop with something that we all have around the house | Happily Ever Mom

Baby’s will love watching these spin <—psst…you’ll never guess what we used!

Babies can roll balls and trucks down a simple ramp made from a folding table, piece of cardboard, or wood.

Upcycle a box to create a fun game for babies | Child Central Station

Grab everything you have that rolls and make a treasure bin | Wildflower Ramblings

Take baby on a wagon ride <—let older babies have a turn to try and pull the wagon, too!

Use an inner tube to make a simple (and contained!) baby game | Sugar Aunts

Need more ramp ideas?  Here are unique ramps  for both inside and outside  | Adventures of Adam

We know these baby games will be a hit – come on over

Check out this baby container play activity! to our Facebook page and tell us which one was your favorite!

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