Essential Oil Pro-Tips

Essential oils have been around for centuries and have been used to help improve lives. These are just a couple of the ways we have found and used oils in our home.

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PRO-TIPS on how to thrive with essential oils includes diy hacks and ideas

Hacks and Ideas to Use Essential Oils

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1). Help your kids keep oils on them all day long. Put drops of oils on the inside of leather bracelets. The oils will be absorbed into your child’s skin throughout the day. You only need to reapply the oils every twenty-four hours. Genius way to bypass carrying a dropper to school.

2). In our recent Health Hacks post we shared about a salt sock and how it helps sore ears feel better. Add drops of either lemon  &  basil, or lavender & melaleuca. The salt sock will feel so good on a sore ear. Just drop the oils onto a sock filled with Rock and Sea Salts. Heat it for 30 seconds in the microwave and press your ear against it.

3). Eyelash mites. Yuck! They are the reason why your eyelashes become brittle and fall out! Get rid of them by adding a drop of lavender oil to your mascara. It should also help your mascara last longer.

4). Relieve neck and back aches with a long rice sock. These are especially helpful for kids with sensory struggles. You can add drops of oil to the rice, like lavender.

essential oil diffuser necklace

More Essential Oil Pro-Tips

5). Wear your oils all day long instead of carrying bottles! Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces are a great way to get the benefits of aromatherapy on-the-go. Put drops into the necklace inserts (they are leather pads) and the scent is diffused slowly over 24 hours.

6). Say goodbye to bathroom odors – add some drops of essential oils to the inside of your rolls of toilet paper. We suggest a deodorizing blend like Purification!

7). Create your own diffuser using craft sticks. Craft Project Ideas sent us a collection of colorful think wood sticks.  They fit perfectly into our jars. We used an empty jar, added a couple drops of our favorite scent and added a teaspoon or two of a favorite oil. The oil rises up the sticks. Easy-peasy and smells great!

diy diffuser all you need is an old bottle of essential oils and thin craft wood sticks

8). Cowboy Boots. They are the staple of Texas. I wear mine nearly everyday. And sometimes the insides need a little “freshening up”. We wad a large piece of butcher paper up, add drops of lavender oil over the paper, and stuff them inside your boots. Leave them over night and your boots will thank you.

have fresher boots all you need is butcher paper and lavender essential oil

9). You can make diffusers out of almost anything. Here is an example of a diffuser made from a glass Christmas ornament, using spices and winter scents.

make a diffuser for holiday scents using oil spices and essential

10). Make your own bath salts using Epsom salts and the leftover bottles of oils. The salts absorb the traces of the oils left in the bottles. You can mix and match the scents. Add 2-4  tablespoons of the salts to any bath.

essential oils tip for the tub add empty bottles to epsom salt for a diy detox bath

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