Soccer Cupcakes

It’s soccer season for many, and if you’re planning on having a end of season celebration, why not contribute these fun soccer cupcakes to the party? These cupcakes are fairly easy to make, even for the beginning decorator. I’m going to give you all of the tips, tricks and recipes to help you make some fabulous soccer (or for the rest of the world “football) cupcakes for  the players in your life. If you love making cupcakes here are a few more you might find fun: rainbow cupcakes, owl cupcakes, snowman cupcakes, or peanut butter and jelly cupcakes.

soccer cupcakes ball football


Materials Needed for Soccer Cupcakes

* I have given a link to the best buttercream frosting recipe. I highly recommend homemade. Trying to pipe out store bought frosting is very frustrating and won’t yield the results you want. Also, make sure you SIFT the powdered sugar because clumping will stop up the tip.

Soccer Cupcake Tutorial

soccer cupcake tutorial

  1. After cupcakes are baked, scoop out the center of the cupcake with a melon baller.
  2. Make sure to wash the soccer balls, and then stick one in the center of the cupcake.
  3. Using the grass icing tip #233, hold your tip at an almost 90 degree angle. Start the grass closest to your soccer ball and work outward. Set your tip close to the cupcake and soccer ball and begin to gently squeeze. Pull up and away, and remove pressure to the bag  when the grass is to a desired length. Begin your next cluster of grass close to the  previous cluster.
  4. Keep creating grass around the cupcake, working from the center out, until it is completely covered.

soccer ball cupcake tutorial


I think you will be pleased with how easy these are to make, and I think your child will be delighted at the fun results. For an extra cute look, you can add an additional cupcake liner. Another option is to print out your own cupcake liner designs on whatever paper fits your theme using this FREE  cupcake liner printable.

I want to take the time to encourage you to find ways to help your kids get active. These 15+ Activities for Active Kids or these Beginning Soccer Drills (really games) for kids might help.

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