15+ Activities for Active Kids

Active kids are happy kids.

And they usually sleep well, too! So, here at Kids Activities Blog, we love activities that keep kids moving.

That is why we are so excited to be working with The Active Family Project! Go like their Facebook Page  now for awesome ideas to keep  kids active. May 10 is their Annual Family Playdate!

What will your family do together?

15 active activities for kids sponsored by the active family project

Here are some of our favorite things to do with kids to get them  moving.

Active Outside Activities For Kids:

Build a water obstacle course. (This is seriously awesome!) Via Meaningful Mama

Scarecrow Tag  is always a hit at my house! I think they could play this game all day long!  Via Childhood 101

Build an  obstacle course out of pvc pipe. Simply brilliant!  Via MollyMoo Crafts

Play a letter sound freeze dance. Active kids that are learning too? What more could you want? Via Meaningful Mama

Have a rhyming race. This is such a cool idea. Via Little Moments

Play bicycle games. I love the idea of riding through the water!

I haven’t played What’s The Time Mr. Wolf since I was a kid, but it was always such a blast. I can’t wait to play it again with my little ones. Via Childhood 101

Learn Colors with cones. This is a great game for younger kids. Via Simple Fun For Kids

Who says you have to wait years for the next Olympic Games? You can hold your own right in your backyard! Via Crystals Tiny Treasures

Build your own mud pit! Kids love getting dirty, and this is the perfect excuse! Via Growing a Jeweled Rose

Bored kids? A roll of the dice will solve that problem!

Spend the afternoon making dirt soup! Your kids will thank you for it.

Play a bean bag game with your kids. They will love catching the bean bags in all sorts of containers. Via Meaningful Mama

active activities for kids

If it’s raining on May 10, we don’t want you to miss the annual playdate, so check out these  activities you can do to keep kids active indoors.

Active Inside Activities For Kids:

This indoor ball maze is very cool and would be great for kids of different ages! Via Little Bins for Little Hands

Music is a great way to get kids up and moving inside. You will be surprised how hard it is to sit still. Via Learn With Play At Home

Play a pretend painting game with your toddlers. This looks so fun, and there’s no mess! Via Learn With Play At Home

Tape some sight words to the floor. A roll of masking tape is cheap and this is such a simple way to learn. Via 3 Dinosaurs


Don’t forget to check out the Active Family Project on Facebook and their Annual Family Playdate on May 10!

Thanks so much to the Active Family Project for sponsoring this post.  We are super excited about the Annual Family Playdate which is just around the corner!

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