Ultimate Guide To Potty Training

Any parent will tell you that potty training is a big deal.  And there is no shortage of potty training advice out there.  Here at Kids Activities Blog we believe that there isn’t just one right approach for every family or even every kid!  So we’ve pulled together many different helpful articles on the subject of potty training, plus our favorite books and gear to make the whole process easier for you and your little one.

The Ultimate Guide to Potty Training

Potty Training Tips, Tricks, and Advice

Stress free potty training? Try these seven tips for a relaxed yet effective approach to toilet training.

Real moms share their best tips and tricks for effective potty training.

Try following  these simple do’s and dont’s for helping your child use the potty.

Looking to get the whole thing over with three days? Potty training boot camp  from Dirt and Boogers might be right for you.

Or you could try to potty train in less than a day!

Perhaps potty training the slow way is more your style. From Toddler Approved.

The mom behind Not Just Cute shares her secret to potty training.

Running into trouble? Try these solutions to common potty training problems.

Living on Love has some great tips for training a toddler who is too smart for their own good.

Potty Training Books and Charts

Once Upon a Potty, Everyone Poops, and Potty are all great books for getting your child interested in ditching the diapers.

Potty charts can be an effective motivator.  Check out this fun DIY Potty Party Chart on  Pretty Prudent and this cool Potty Training Chart by DIY Inspired.

Free printable charts for boys and girls can be found at Potty Scotty and Potty Patty respectively.

Potty Training Gear

Pull Ups! Seriously, don’t leave home without them! Pull Ups take so much of the stress out of potty training, especially when you’re away from home.

Many kids prefer a small potty.  Baby Bjorn makes a great one.  And IKEA has a super affordable option that’s great for stashing in the car.

Another option is a potty seat for the toilet.  First Step makes a comfy one and the  built-in style seats are  great for a bathroom that’s shared with adults.

You’ll need a step stool and these faucet extenders make hand washing a breeze.

When you’re ready to try without the Pull Ups, thick training underwear are a great option.

Night training often happens much later.  Save your bed sheets and try Huggies Overnights.

Good luck and happy potty training!

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