We are learning about the human body, what organs we have, what systems work together to form our bodies.   We are learning what the purposes of the various organs are and where they are located.   This is a great fall activity to do together as a family especially as there are so many skeletons and “bodies” for sale in the weeks leading up to Halloween.   As my kids are still young, they aren’t quite ready for a scientific discourse – however, they are obsessed with coloring. I was thrilled to have discovered the book, My Body by Pat Caterello. It offers printables that you can photocopy of all the organs and explains how they relate to nearby organs.   While the kids are coloring I read the blurp about what that organ does.   I was amazed at how much the kids learned. Human Body System First, we traced our bodies onto a large sheet of butcher paper.   Then we photocopied the organs and colored them in. There are also paragraphs in the book to go along with each organ to help you talk about the function of that organ inside our bodies.   After we finished our paper people we tried to find where the organs are in our own bodies. Related: How the Human Heart Works for Kids {Fun Educational Activity!}  Human body systemBody organs included in the book:
  • Lungs – We learned how the lungs have multiple components from the trachea and bronchus to the bronchioles and alveoli.
  • Heart – We were fascinated by the way our circulation system works; oxygenated blood enters in one part and exits through Aorta to “feed” the rest of the body.
  • Liver – Our livers are in charge of regulating our glucose levels (i.e. it is very important for digestion/energy).
  • Stomach – We realized that our stomach is really higher than we first thought – often the kids would rub their bellies for their stomach, when in fact it is considerably higher.
  • Spleen –
  • Gal Bladder
  • Pancreas
  • Small, Large intestines
  • Reproductive systems
  • Bladder
  • Muscles
  • Skeleton/Bones
Human body system. I was in no way compensated for this review, just a thankful mom.

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