Weaning baby from bottle is not the easiest thing to do.  In fact, it can be quite hard if your little one is especially attached.  I’ve had one baby that kept the bottle until well past turning two and one that dropped it around 11 months.  The difference, in my opinion, was the cup we transitioned with (shown below). The age in which you decide to try and wean baby from bottle is up to you, but if you’d like a few tips on which cup to try, here are our favorites. The Best Cups to Use When You're Weaning Baby from Bottle

The Best Cups to Use When You’re Weaning Baby from Bottle

Affiliate links are included below to support Kids Activities Blog. Nuk Large Learner Cup – This cup worked best for us in the transition period because the nipple was very similar to the bottle.  It helped my daughter to make a gradual step forward without being thrown into something totally unfamiliar.  You can remove the handles so it feels more like a bottle. Munchkin Flexi Transition Cup – Another cup with a silicone nipple so it feels familiar to a bottle.  This handle can also be removed if your child prefers. Nuby No Spill Cup With Reversible Valve  – This is our current house favorite.  These don’t have too many parts to wash and the reversible valve let’s you choose a slow or fast flow so you can use it longer. Born Free Training Cup – This one is good for babies over six months old and is designed specifically to transition from a bottle to a sippy cup with a soft spout and natural flow. Thinkbaby No Spill Sippy Cup – Here is another great cup that was designed for weaning baby from bottle.  Since it is  made from polypropylene, it can be recycled after you are done with it.

Here are a few great articles to help you to transition your little one from the bottle:

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