Monsters. If we didn’t just have a reptile birthday party for the kids we would have totally had a monster bash – these activities look cute and fun.   Thanks to all the bloggers who have linked up to our weekly kids meme, It’s Playtime.     We glean most of the posts we feature here and on facebook/pinterest from there.   If you are a blogger, leave a link to one of your favorite kids activities below.

Mad Mad Monsters

monster activities for kids

Recently, we made monster faces – the kids loved them! *Mostly* healthy too, made from apples cream cheese or peanut butter and candy to garnish. These are adorable ways to make monsters - my kids love #2!

Monster Activities for Kids

Make an easy craft with the kids using yard, glue and googly eyes to create some silly faces.

Give the kids some clay or playdough along with a handful of googly eyes, straws or popscicle sticks and see what they come up with.   Pixie Patch’s kids made monsters with clay – one of our favorite mediums!   Stephanie made playdough monsters with googly eyes and straws – cute.

Blown Ink Monster shapes.   I worry that the kids would drink the paint, but this is definitely on my list of things to do when they are a bit older!

Abby Lanes transformed a flower pot into a monster with her preschool class.

Marie made some super mad mad monsters with these simple to make book marks

Paper Mache is super easy and sensory!   My kids love getting their fingers dirty in the papery goop.   Teri of Gidy Gidy made paper mache monster hooks.

Make a mad mad monster – here is a super easy tutorial to copy using flannel and scraps of fabric.

On the site, Ruffles and Stuff, they have a tutorial for a pillow version of potato head – felt face pillow.   Make your monster faces.

Want to see a full monster party in action?   Miss Jessi – shares her classes monster party with us – including finger painted monster cutouts.

This bloggers transforms an envelope into a monster bookmark via I Can Make That.

more monsters

Activities for Kids

Mindy aka Lil Mama has another awesome class party – my favorite of her collection of ideas is the tissue box   silverware holders.

Another re-purposed a tissue box comes from Kim, at No time for Flash Cards, she used her monster to store stickers.

I love the crazy characters that Jen at Nifty Thrifty made.   Anna at The Imagination Tree did a post recently where she used foam to create window clings, I can totally see some silly faced windows in our future!

Want a bit of a monster loony party craft?   Alisa made some cute creatures from TP tubes.

Marigold of Hideous Dreadful and Stinky made a craft tote with a monster face stuffed with crayons and paper 🙂   My son would LOVE this!

Phillipa is learning shapes with monsters crafts and her tykes.

Maggy of RedTedArt made TP Tube monsters – Close off both ends and these would make great party favors!

Seven slinky – spidery paper mache monsters – These look like so much fun.

We have these free monster coloring pages that you don’t wanna miss out on!

Dress Up Games for Kids

Here is a perfect gift idea for the monster in your life – Monster Towels!   KojoDesigns and the Monson Family both have some happy tutorials on how you can create your own monster.

Honorable mentions go to these brownie monster pops and felt monster finger puppets!   Too fun!


Send any submission ideas you have to me via email – or you can submit them to our weekly linky “It’s Playtime” and I’ll try to feature them in an upcoming post.


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  1. That is a creative way to upcycle a tissue box! Those were neat ways to show off monsters. 😉

  2. My boys would love this! They are totally into monsters, as any little boy is I guess. 🙂 Thanks for all the great ideas!

  3. What a fantastic collection of monster ideas. My son’s birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, I’m definitely thinking monster theme now. I hope he agrees!

  4. What a brilliant collection of monsters! We love monsters – especially for the preschool age group – as “anything goes” and you can just have fun with colours and googley eyes!

    Thank you for including our TP Roll Monsters 🙂

    Maggy x

  5. Love all the ideas!!

    btw, to avoid kids from sucking up paint while trying to blow, you can make a small hole at the mouth end of the straw