Clothespin & Pipe Cleaner Bees – Quick & Easy Craft For Kids

Let’s do a bee craft today with kids!

If you are looking for a quick & easy craft for kids of almost any age, you will love these simple  clothespeg and pipe cleaner buzzy bees that kids can make in a matter of minutes.

This 5 minute craft is also a no glue craft!  This easy craft is an ideal bee craft for toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners and a quick grade school idea.

No mess, minimum prep and clean-up.

clothespeg and pipe cleaner bee craft - buzzy bees quick craft

All you need are some wooden clothespegs, pipe cleaners, googly eyes and some craft foam cut into wing shapes.

clothespeg and pipe cleaner bee craft

Start by inserting the craft foam wings into the peg slot.

clothespeg and pipe cleaner bee craft

Then just wind the pipe cleaners around the peg, above and below the wings to keep it in position.

clothespeg and pipe cleaner bee craft

Add on the google eyes – large eyes make the bugs look goofy!!! and we like goofy in this house!!

clothespeg and pipe cleaner bee craft

And finally just wind a   small pipe cleaner around the neck and up at the back of the head for the antennae – curl the ends of the antennae around a pencil or knitting needle so there are no ‘hurty’ sharp ends on the pipe cleaner.

Side by Side Crafting Fun

I love nothing more than when my 8yo daughter says ‘cool’ when she see’s what I am up to and is inspired to roll up a chair and start making alongside me… taking the craft further to her own little world. In her own gorgeous girly way she decided to make the queen bee, with wool fuzz hair (she brushed craft glue onto the head and dipped it in some wool clippings I hoarded after making pop poms some time back), pipe cleaner handies and a pink bead pot of honey. Love it xx

clothespeg and pipe cleaner bee craft

Happy Crafting


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  1. This craft is perfect for my 3yo’s birthday party craft table, thank you for sharing! Can you explain how you attached the eyes without glue? Looks like the ones I have do not have adhesive on the back, do yours?

  2. Kristen Yard says:

    Hi, Rachel! I have seen googly eyes with sticker backings! You just peel the back off (like a sticker) and stick them on! You can also use glue dots.

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