These nursing essentials got me through many months of breastfeeding two babies.   Although we can certainly make it through without these conveniences like our mothers and grandmothers did, why not take advantage of the great products out there invented to make our journeys easier? 9 Nursing Essentials for the New Mommy

9 Nursing Essentials for the New Mommy

Here are my nine nursing essentials I wouldn’t want to live without. Affiliate links are included below to support Kids Activities Blog. TheraPearl Soothing Pads – Use these cold to relieve engorgement and swelling, or heat it to ease mastitis. Wearing these during pumping can also help encourage let-down. Milkies Milk Saver – From someone who wasted a lot of milk by leaking when I was away from my baby (and subsequently had a soaking wet shirt) this product seems genius. Keep these hidden in your bra to catch and save every drop. “Fun fact: Almost 75 percent of women produce more milk from one breast and it is more commonly the right breast.” reports Dr. Stephanie Canale in an article on MamasUncut.

Nursing Cover – Having this gave me the freedom to feel comfortable breastfeeding anywhere. I also used it a lot even when I was at home since we had a lot of visitors. I personally wasn’t comfortable not being covered up, and trying to use a blanket was inconvenient because it always seemed to fall down.

Travel Kit – This is wonderful to keep with you in your diaper bag, and has a little bit of everything so you don’t have to cart around large quantities. This contains lanolin cream, nursing pads, storage bags, baby wipes and a little breastfeeding guide. Nursing Pillow – This made positioning the baby for feeding so easy. It also helps relieve the stress on your back. I was partial to the Boppy, but have also heard wonderful things about the Brest Friend pillow and the Dr. Brown’s pillow. Nipple Cream – This cream by Earth Mama Angel baby works magic. It’s organic and soothes dry, cracked nipples or anywhere else on your body.   It works well on babies dry cheeks, too.

More Nursing Essentials for the New Mommy

Nursing Tank – Wearing a shirt that easily snaps up and down for feeding times makes life a little easier. I loved wearing nursing tanks so I didn’t have to lift my whole shirt up and expose my belly during feeding times. Peek Away Kit – If you are a momma on the go, keeping this nursing essentials kit with you can be really helpful. It is a small bag that holds a nursing cover, and a support pillow, plus a couple small pockets. Breast Pump – Some people don’t favor this idea and that’s OK.  For many woman, they have more milk than your baby can consume and want to pump the excess.  On the contrary, some women don’t produce enough, and using a pump between nursing sessions can help stimulate your body to produce more. If you have the ability to borrow the machine from a friend or family member, you can just purchase your own tubing and connector pieces and save yourself some money.

More Hacks for Moms

If you breastfed, was there something specific that made it easier for you?

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