Scrabble Tile Craft ~ Acronym Magnets

Looking for some scrabble tile crafts? Well look no further, this craft project is the perfect way to use old scrabble games. Whether you have them in the closet or picked it up at thrift stores, you can turn the wood tiles from the board games into fun projects and the best part is they make a great gift.

Scrabble Tile Craft

Scrabble Letter Tile Craft

Do you have old Scrabble game boards you aren’t using anymore? Don’t throw it away or sell it in a garage sale. There are plenty of way to use all the old scrabble tiles, including the game board.

For now, we’ll just use some of the letter tiles. If you don’t have one, you can find them at thrift stores and flea markets, and they even sell wooden letter tiles at the craft store.

Scrabble Tile Craft

Supplies Needed For This Scrabble Tile Craft:

  • Scrabble tiles
  • Magnetic sheets
  • White craft glue
  • Self healing cutting mat
  • Craft knife

Walmart or the craft store carry self-adhesive magnetic sheets, which is what we’ll be using to make these.

How To Make This Super Cute Scrabble Tile Craft:

Scrabble Tile Craft

Step 1

Peel the backing off of a magnetic sheet and place it on the work surface, sticky side up.

Step 2

Press Scrabble tiles onto the sheet, being careful to place the letters directly next to each other with no space in between.

Scrabble Tile Craft

Step 3

Cut each acronym away from the sheet using a craft knife.

Scrabble Tile Craft

Step 4

Trim off the excess magnetic sheet but running the craft knife along the edge of the letters.

Scrabble Tile Craft

Step 5

Repeat for all the acronyms.

Scrabble Tile Craft

Step 6

Squeeze some white craft glue in between each of the Scrabble tiles.

Scrabble Tile Craft

Step 7

Place the acronyms on the work surface and use your finger to wipe off the excess glue.

Step 8

Let the glue dry completely.

What Does The Acronyms Made In This Scrabble Tile Craft Mean?

  • TTYL – talk to you later
  • YOLO – you only live once
  • ROFL – rolling on the floor laughing
  • IDK – I don’t know
  • LOL – laugh out loud
  • LMK – let me know
  • BFF – best friends forever
  • XOXO – kiss and hug

More Scrabble Acronym Craft Ideas:

  • BTW – by the way
  • TTFN – ta ta for now
  • FWIW – for what it’s worth
  • KWIM – know what I mean?
  • SMH – shaking my head
  • IMHO – in my humble opinion
  • ILY – I love you
  • NP – no problem
  • TMI – too much information
Scrabble Tile Craft

Why We love This Scrabble Tile Craft

Over the last year or two I’ve noticed a trend in Scrabble tile crafts. Also, I’m sure you’ve seen magnetic words and letters, which are great for helping younger children learn their alphabet and make words.

For older kids, they can be fun  for leaving messages for each other on the refrigerator!

That got me thinking. In this technology driven world, kids and adults alike have truly taken to using acronyms to save time while typing and texting.

If you have tweens or older elementary aged kids, show them this project and I guarantee they’ll want to make some!

More Scrabble Tile Craft Ideas:

Want more than just acronyms? Then spell out fun words or useful words. For example, you could make magnets that say clean or dirty so you can a scrabble dishwasher magnet so everyone knows. Who knew that these little wooden letter tiles would be so useful!

Using them as magnets though is not only a fun activity, but some of the best ideas. They’re cute and a useful way to recycle the wooden blocks.

Wooden Tile Acronym As Gifts

I love this. This is such a great way to use scrabble pieces and make a diy gift. Everyone loves little gifts sometimes. These magnets are perfect for using inside your child’s locker and great to give as friendship gifts as well. Have fun with it!

You could also turn them into key chains or new ornaments to give to people. How cute!

Scrabble Tile Craft ~ Acronym Magnets

Scrabble Tile Craft

Use Scrabble letter tiles to make the cutest acronym magnets. It is so easy to do, and the magnets are the cutest!


  • Scrabble tiles
  • Magnetic sheets
  • White craft glue
  • Self healing cutting mat
  • Craft knife


  1. Take the paper off the magnetic sheet and then place the magnet on the table, sticky side up.
  2. Press the scrabble letter tiles onto the magnetic sheet, placing them carefully next to each other with no gaps in between the letters.
  3. Cut each acronym out of the magnetic sheet using a craft knife.
  4. Trim off the rest of the magnet shit by running the knife along the edges of the letter.
  5. Repeat for all the acronym magnets you are making.
  6. Once all the scrabble tile magnets are cut out, squeeze some craft glue between each wooden letter tile.
  7. Place the magnets on your work surface and use your fingers to wipe off the excess glue.
  8. Let them dry fully and you're done. Easy peasy!

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Do you have any acronyms to add to this list? Ask your kids, they may know some more!

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