I am starting a new REALITY CHECK series over at Burb Mom. I am not going to post the follow up stories here, but wanted to let ya know what I was doing over there in case you want to follow along.


For the next month I am going to play THE GROCERY GAME.

The Grocery Game is a website that you join to get specific local information about coupons, specials and freebies at the grocery stores you frequent. It says that if you follow the instructions you can save a lot of money without spending a lot of time devoted to coupon clipping.

The Verdict?

Too early to tell.

The post-shopping Reality Report:

The Grocery Game website is a little awkward, but once I figured out a few things I was able to navigate it pretty easily. I was surprised that when I entered my zip code a whole list of local grocery and drug stores appeared. Once you choose the stores you want to follow the “rules” and shopping lists are available to print.

I will admit to being VERY FRUSTRATED that there were no coupons in the Sunday paper. Since it has been YEARS since I have clipped coupons I wondered if maybe the paper had discontinued them. I Googled and searched and tried to ask a question on The Grocery Game’s website (which was closed for Easter) and finally found the no holiday coupon clause on the actual shopping list. UGH.

There are pages and pages of reading on The Grocery Game website that I felt like I needed to review to get started. It is overwhelming at first. I kept thinking that they could give some instructions to ease beginners into the system. I may be more clueless than their average mom in this area, but it does seem complicated.

I am going to keep an open mind since…I haven’t even gone shopping yet!

Next time over at BurbMom.net: Shopping trip #1 without manufacturers coupons *sigh*…


  1. Halftime Lessons says:

    Oh yeah, buddy…the wife and I have tried this…FRUSTRATING AS HELL. Maybe you can make it work…we weren’t disciplined enough. We like to waste money more.


  2. Halftime Lessons says:

    PS- Nice to see you animated again! And SWEET kitchen! 😉

  3. Straight to Your Hart says:

    Think I will go check out!!..However clueless is my middle name..LOL

  4. Yes, you know I get the paper every Sunday specifically for the coupons and there is usually one week a month (the 5th Sunday or a holiday) where there are no coupons. What luck that you picked that Sunday! 🙂 Sorry about that!

  5. I’m interested to see what your results are.

  6. frazzledlashawn.com says:

    Love the grocery game. Takes a while to get the hang of and to stockpile your coupons. I have saved a lot of $$$$!

  7. I’m a coupon shopper, but have never done the grocery game. Interested in how YOU do! ;o) The no coupons on holidays is frustrating…I remember the first time I bought a paper and there were no coupons in it. I almost cried. Okay, not really. But I did want to strangle someone!

    I found your website through one of the blog catalog sites. My younger sister’s name is Holly and she lives in Dallas, too.

  8. Connie Weiss says:

    When I lived in Colorado….I played the Grocery Game and I had great success with it! It has been awhile but I *think* that certain stores in Texas will TRIPLE coupons. I always wanted to visit my family in Dallas so I could do this.

    If you need any help or have an questions I would be happy to help you out. I used to be really good at it.

  9. Lisa Jo Rudy says:

    I’ve been reading about “the power of small,” and am realizing, that the “power of small” is ALL ABOUT taking those extra seconds to collect those coupons… play the game… and actually save enough cash to do the BIG THING you wanted to do but never could afford… Like that second honeymoon in Paris! Now all I have to do is find those extra seconds to put the power of small to work…


  10. I am pretty excited to follow this experiment. I tried it a few months back, but like you, it was overwhelming, and I never really saw any coupons that I wanted, so I quit. But, if after time it turns out to work out wonderfully, maybe i will give it another go.

  11. I loved the Grocery Game! It is definitely overwhelming when you are starting out but it becomes easy once you have the hang of it. My Mom is a super-pro at this and will actually play the game at several stores and with her purchases she will donate to local food bank charities. I’m now hooked on http://www.e-mealz.com Maybe you could check that out for your next reality check series.

  12. The Grocery Game sounds cool, but…….I’m just SO EXCITED to see you in ‘real life’ again!! Makes me miss ya!

  13. I’ve heard rave reviews about the site, but didn’t find it very helpful. I can’t wait to hear your final verdict.

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