Today we have a free printable page to connect kids with grandparents! This is a great page to use for grandparents day, a virtual vacation day…or any day. Being able to connect with our loved ones is important for the growth and well-being of children. This printable sheet is an easy way to keep in touch with grandparents or other family members who live far away!

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Download & print this fun memory page to send to grandma and grandpa!

Printable Grandparent Memory Page

You can have your child write or draw to customize the grandparents memories sheet. Click the green button to get your grandparents memories pdf file via email:

This page asks your child a set of questions:

  • Favorite memory with loved one
  • Dream for growing up
  • Favorite thing

Older kids can answer with words and pictures, while younger kids can answer primarily with pictures.

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Supplies Needed for Grandparents Memory Sheet

  • Printed grandparents memory sheet – see button below.
  • Something to color with: Crayons, colored pencils, markers, paint
  • (Optional) Envelope & stamp to send it across the country.
Fill the boxes with memories for grandma and grandpa.

Download & Print Free Printable Grandparents Printable Here

How to Send the Grandparents Memory Sheet to Grandma/Grandpa

  1. Print out the sheet on standard printer paper – 8 1/2 x 11 inches.
  2. Have children go through and answer the questions.
  3. Fold paper and slide into envelope.
  4. Seal envelope and put on stamp.
  5. Mail to the address of the grandparents.

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Who are you going to send your memory sheet to?

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