Baby wipes are one of those little secrets that new parents are clued into very quickly! Suddenly there is an all-purpose product that you can’t live without! 101 Ways to Use Baby Wipes - Sponsored by Huggies - Kids Activities Blog In celebration of Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean Wipes {Kids Activities Blog sponsor – yay!}, we asked our FB community to share all the ways they use baby wipes. The response was overwhelming!  Over 300 comments!

101 Uses for  Baby Wipes

So, many of our readers use baby wipes regularly for hand washing {me too!}, but here are a hundred other ways to put these handy items to good use!
  1. To curl hair!  Curl hair around the wipe, tie in a knot, let it dry overnight and the curls are set.
  2. Wiping up spills.
  3. In the classroom, write Kids names on their desks with sharpie pen and then wipe away with a baby wipe when their desk changes.
  4. My daughter uses them as blankets for her baby dolls.
  5. Use them to freshen yourself up when you need to run out of the door!
  6. They're softer for noses when kids need to blow their nose.
  7. I use it to remove my make-up
  8. Wiping up kids hands and faces
  9. When they are dried out, use them as spill cleaners for when you're in the car!
  10. When they are dried out, use them as softer tissues.
  11. Cleaning my dog's paws and my kitty's bottoms <–sometimes it just needs to happen!
  12. Wiping down the toilet.
  13. They are great for removing deodorant from black shirts and dresses.
  14. Keep handy  in the car for cleaning up after the play ground or after having ice cream.
  15. Works great for getting excess hair dye off of your forehead and skin.
  16. Best sneaker cleaner EVER!
  17. Works like magic getting crayon off of my walls!
  18. Wipe down an  ipad or  phone.
  19. Clean grocery cart handles.
  20. I have heard that our deployed soldiers use them for a wipe down bath when they don't have access to water.
  21. I have used it as a way to get my son included in cleaning things around the house without being worried about him getting cleaning products all over himself and the house.
  22. They are great for dusting furniture.
  23. I use them to quickly wipe down car seats when they get funky.
  24. I use them to wipe up stinky kid feet during the summer :).  I have done this too!
  25. I use them to tame fly away hair in the winter – in other words, they are indespensible!
  26. There isn't a surface known to mankind that can't be wiped down with a baby wipe!
  27. Gets dried bird poo off of my car easily.
  28. Keep them in the fridge for a cool wipe down after a workout or hot day.
  29. I ™ve used baby wipes to get the stains out of my carpets.
  30. They seem to get more dirt off of our wood floors than our swiffer does!
  31. They're suppose to be very good for cleaning your fishing rod.  Seen it on the fishing shows, makes them look brand new!
  32. Wipes take off mascara better than any kind of remover!
  33. Wiping down the table after the kids have eaten.
  34. They get the grime off the steering wheel and the car door pretty well!
  35. If one of our dogs has had any accident on the carpet {No. 1}, soaking it up with a wad of baby wipes helps minimize the staining.
  36. Cleaning white boards.
  37. Boogers!
  38. They remove ink – ink pads or permanent marker so easily!! Even off of skin and walls.
  39. I use them to clean the bathroom including the counters and toilet!
  40. The DISHWASHER!  You know, around the edges of the door and around the hinges.  Just wipe and toss!
  41. They will take just about anything off of micro-fiber material.
  42. Put them on the kitchen floor, let kids slide around on them to clean the floors.  The kids think it's great fun!
  43. Getting the proteins from allergens {milk, nuts, etc.} off of tables and hands {restaurants, amusement parks, etc.}.  Very popular in the allergy community!
  44. Getting make-up off the bathroom sink.
  45. Camping.  You can use them for wiping up hands or cleaning up before bed time.
  46. I use them to wipe down the baseboards – you know, that little edge where dust loves to settle!  Just wipe away 🙂
  47. Run through hair if static gets bad!
  48. Cleaning my leather couches works well.
  49. Wipe nailpolish off during manicures.
  50. They're really good for stopping nose bleeds – cool and damp!
  51. I use them for EVERYTHING!!
  52. As a member of the military, I used them for cleaning weapons.  Perfect for cleaning carbine.
  53. They are one of the only products approved for cleaning car seat straps!
  54. Dark colored liquid stains on carpets {coke, coffee, etc}.  Lay wipes down over the spill, then a towel, and step on top to soak up the spill and stain!
  55. They work great on streaky, greasy stove tops!
  56. Wipe down the cat to remove extra hair.
  57. Cleaning out my dogs nose, ears, and eye gunk.
  58. Cleaning the chalk board and white board.
  59. I am always spilling my coffee on my white shirt.  If you can blot it right away after the spill, it will remove.  It's been a lifesaver so many times!
  60. I ™ve been told time and again that they can remove blood from clothes.
  61. Eye glasses clean up – it reduces scratches, too.
  62. Cleaning ink off of craft stamps.
  63. Put them in the dryer, they are great for that extra fluff.  Use the dry ones for dusting afterwards!
  64. I use them to clean my cat's ear {the vet's recommendation!!}.
  65. Wiping down door knobs.
  66. Cleaning the grill.
  67. Hubby uses them to clean his motor bike, they are great for cutting through the grease.
  68. Wiping off the pacifier when it's dropped.
  69. Getting dried paint off of clothes.
  70. A soft drink exploded in my Mother in law's car.  She couldn't clean the roof lining with anything until she tried baby wipes!
  71. After I dust the blinds, I pinch a wipe around each blind and I can clean both sides at once.  Super clean blinds in no time!
  72. Cleaning DVD's and CD's works amazingly!
  73. Great for cleaning off your fishing hook after you ™ve caught something.
  74. Removing strawberry juice off the carpet!
  75. They get most spots out of wedding dresses.
  76. I use them when I ™m crafting to get the small amounts of glue on my hands.
  77. Cleaning a cut when you don't have a first aid kit handy.
  78. Cleaning kids toys!
  79. I use them to create beautifully swiped backgrounds for cards with water-based inks!
  80. Getting pen off of photographs.
  81. I use them to clean library dvd's and books.
  82. Good for cleaning chalk and rope grime off of hands after rock climbing.
  83. Killing ants.  I have used them for larger bugs too…ick!
  84. For arts and crafts, you can drip ink on them and use them as multicolored ink pads with rubber stamps.
  85. Getting red wine out of clothing!
  86. I ™m a varsity soccer coach and I keep them in my bag for getting off blood, dirt, makeup, and cleaning up cleets.
  87. Cleaning window ledges!
  88. Popsicle cozies {or a popsicle wrap} because my kids hate holding cold stuff and it catches the sticky melting popsicle from getting all over their hands! <—-so smart!
  89. Cleaning our fans and AC units.
  90. I used them to get freshly spilled RED nail polish off of our CREAM colored floors!
  91. Cleaning up any puke in the car!
  92. Quick clean up for high chairs.
  93. We use them for wiping off love bugs from the car before washing the car.  A must have here in Florida!
  94. Wipe up highlighter on white carpet!
  95. Yoga mat cleaner :).  My gym does this too!
  96. To get sand off right after the beach.  Brush the sand off with a wipe!
  97. They are fab for alloy wheels, too!
  98. Getting sap off of clothes.  Tear one in half.  Fold both of your halves in half.  Place one on top off the sap and one underneath the sap.  Put something on it so that it can soak in for a few minutes and it takes off the sap!
  99. Spot cleaning the kitchen floor.
  100. Getting permanent marker off of the walls and kids skin!
  101. Brilliant for getting off face paint.
Oh!  And they work really good for their original purpose – changing a diaper! Be sure to check out Huggies Clutch ‘n’ Clean wipes.  I think you will be as excited about them as I am next time you encounter one of these 100 situations and need a wipe! Thanks so much to Huggies for sponsoring this post and supporting Kids Activities Blog.

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