Make Patriotic Marshmallows for 4th of July

This is going to be fun! We are making 4th of July marshmallow treats using stamps and food coloring. No cooking is required because this food craft uses things you can easily pick up at the grocery store or order ahead of time.

4th of July Marshmallows

Foam stamps are fun to use to create all sorts of crafts,  including these red, white and blue Patriotic Marshmallows for 4th of July. Add a little food coloring to your patriotic stamps and in no time you’ll have an entire batch of festive looking marshmallows that can be served as they are or as part of ooey, gooey, s’mores.

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Supplies Needed

*Jet Puffed S’moreMallows are thick rectangle marshmallows meant to be used in s’mores. They are the perfect shape for these stamped marshmallows.

Patriotic Foam Stamps


Step 1

Lightly brush water over the raised parts of a foam stamp. You just want to moisten the stamp, this will help the food coloring marker glide across the stamp easily.

Food craft tip: If the kids get too much water on the stamp, just shake it a few times to remove excess water.

As you brush water over stamps that have been colored, you will notice the water will turn color. I suggest using one bowl and one paint brush to brush over the areas that you will color red, and one for the blue. This will keep the colors from bleeding together.

Coloring Patriotic Stamps with Food Markers

Step 2

Brush food coloring markers over the stamps.

I like how this foam stamp is red at the top and blue on the bottom. It makes it easy for the kids to see what color to add to the stamp.

Making Patriotic Marshmallows

Step 3

Once the stamp has color all over, press it onto a S’moreMallow.

Patriotic Marshmallows

Step 4

Remove the stamp to reveal the design printed on the marshmallow.

Step 5

You will need to repeat the entire process before stamping another S’moreMallow. If you try to stamp it once it’s already been used, the color will be very light. If you want to change the color you used on a stamp, wash  it in hot soapy water, rinse, then dry before changing colors.

Patriotic Marshmallows for the 4th of July

You and your kids will have the entire bag of S’moreMallows stamped and ready to pack up for your 4th of July picnic in no time.

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How did your patriotic stamped marshmallows turn out?

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