Make a Fairy Birthday Countdown for Kids

Birthdays … for most kids this is THE DAY, the highlight of the year. In our house the birthday countdown is a big deal! Often they live towards this day for weeks and the excitement grows with every day that gets them closer to it.

“How many times do I have to sleep till my birthday” the  kids ask me about a zillion times a day. And no matter how many times I tell them, they keep on asking.

So for my sanity (and their fun) I started the tradition of making a theme  birthday countdown  for kids. For now, as my kids are still small, I do the preparations. But later on I plan to also involve the  kids in the party planning and in making the birthday countdown for their brother or sister.

So when the birthday of my 6 year old girl got closer, I started to plan a new birthday countdown. She had been talking for the past year about her wish to have a fairy birthday, so I didn’t have much choice on the theme. 10 days before THE day, a birthday countdown made of 10 fairies magically  appeared on the wall of our living room.

How to Make a Fairy Birthday Countdown

Each fairy contained a small “surprise package” with an activity and some goodies for her and her siblings. This way all the little people in the house were excited about picking a fairy from the wall each morning and getting some surprise goodies. And there were no more “How long till my birthday” questions, because they could just see how many fairies were left. Mission accomplished!

Interested to make a fairy birthday countdown for your kids? Check the instructions below!

How to make a fairy birthday countdown

This is what you’ll need to make your own fairy birthday countdown

For the fairies:

  • Toilet paper rolls (as many as the number of fairies you want to make)
  • Fairy printables (see download link below)
  • Scissors & glue
  • Paper tape to stick them to the wall (alternatively you could hang them from the ceiling with thread and paper tape)

For the surprise packages. You can of course do your own thing, adapted to what your kids like. But as an inspiration, here’s what I used:

  • A note for each day with a surprise activity written on it
  • 3 small candies to share with the brother and sister
  • A small toy or gadget (e.g. some stickers, temporary tattoo, a bracelet, …)
  • A small bag to put everything inside

Supplies for making a fairy birthday countdown for kids
You have all the supplies ready? Here’s how you make you own fairy birthday countdown with them.

Step 1: Print the free  printable fairies.
Download and print the free printable fairies and their wings. You have below 10 different  fairies and wings free free for download.

Step 2:  Cut out the wings and the fairies.
For the fairies, cut out only the head and the magic wand. For the body part you’ll need the full paper to roll around the toilet paper roll.

Make a Fairy Birthday Countdown for Kids

Step 3: Glue the fairies to the toilet paper rolls.
Alternatively you can also use a stapler. I found however that the glue works better for this fairy birthday countdown.

Make a Fairy Birthday Countdown for Kids

Step 4: Attach the wings
Glue the wings on the back of the fairy and the birthday count down fairies are almost done.

Make a Fairy Birthday Countdown for Kids

Step 5: Add the surprise.
Take the surprise bags and add the surprises and goodies of your choice in the bags. Put the surprise bags inside the fairies. You might need to put some tape if they risk to fall through. Alternatively you can tape the bottom of the paper rolls to close them and just drop the goodies inside without any bags. I also wrote numbers on the fairies so that we can practice counting and number recognition and keep track of witch fairy gets picked which day.

Fairy Birthday Countdown putting it all together

Step 6: Put the collection of fairies together to make your birthday countdown complete
Choose a visible place in the house and make sure they are high enough so that the kids cannot reach them by themselves. Otherwise they might want to speed up the birthday countdown and pick more fairies in one day 😉

The easiest is to let the fairies stand on a flat surfaces, but you can also stick them on the wall.  I chose the later one.  So, I rolled some paper tape in a circle with the sticky side on the outside and put that on the back of the fairy.

 make your birthday countdown complete

Another option for making them fly is to hang them with a thread from the ceiling. This way they’ll move. And if you put them at different highs it will look like they are really flying!

Make a Fairy Birthday Countdown for Kids

For me, the fairy birthday countdown was definitely a success. The birthday girl was impressed when 10 days before her birthday she walked into the living room. This is her reaction when she saw her birthday countdown fairies for the first time. So I think it was a job well done! 🙂

Is the birthday of any of your kids coming up soon? If so, start planning the birthday countdown today and enjoy the “wow” reaction of your kid when he or she will discover it for the first time!


  1. Thanks for the craft. They look great!. Is there a black and white version of these? So the children can color their own.

  2. Janine.Suvak says:

    Thanks so much, glad you like them! There is not a black-and-white version in the library, but check your printer settings for a black-and-white option. Most color printers have this capability.

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