Are you looking for fun ways to play with your kids? Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to sit down and do a craft or activity, but it doesn’t always have to be that complicated! You can do something as simple as fly a kite or go on a walk!

play with kids

There’s one thing I want to emphasize, don’t just plan things for your kids but get in there and play with them.  Jump in the fun and actually play.  I’m totally speaking to myself on this, I’m a great planner of fun but it’s so easy for me to just walk around with the camera capturing all the memories  instead of actually being a part of the memories.

Fun Ways to  Play With Your Kids

1. Surprise Picnic – Plan a picnic at the park and play a game of kickball or whatever game they choose.

2. Backyard camping during the day- You don’t have to spend a night but I’m sure if you did your kids would love it.  You can just set up a tent in your backyard, enjoy an outdoor meal and make smores.  Here’s a fun cardboard tent  you can make and it doesn’t involve any sewing!!!

3. Have a movie party! – Let them choose the movie, make some popcorn and snuggle up.

4. Read a bilingual book together – There are so many great bilingual books to choose from! Go to your local library and check some out and enjoy a good book. I shared over at my blog, our recent favorite bilingual book and activity that we enjoyed as a family.

5. Look up online how other countries celebrate Children’s Day.

6. ABC’s Photo Scavenger Hunt around your community.

7.  Enjoy a Wacky Dinner or meal as a family.

8. Karaoke Night at home.

9. Enjoy the outdoors.  Here are some great ideas for outdoor fun with kids.

10. Make your own board game.

And, if you do want to play something amazing– check out these recipes for play below!
recipes for play

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