I have mentioned before that skepticism runs high in my offspring. boys on climbing wall The No Santa debate is so heated that I have ruled that it is limited to holiday time…and not the holiday as defined by Hobby Lobby which has probably already devoted 1/3rd of their store square footage to Christmas in July. They also don’t believe in magic.   Don’t even try any slight of hand within their sight because you will get a detailed version of how you did it. They are a kid’s party magician’s worst nightmare. And then there is the tooth fairy. I tried.   I really did. I spent years hanging onto the dream that my attentive nature could overcome their trickery. I give up. If you can’t even pretend that you believe and stop the fairy mocking, then your tooth is worthless in my house. And then there are ponies… While on vacation, my mom and I took Reid(8) and Rhett(5) to a kid’s activity area in the Colorado mountains.   There was mini-golf, bungee trampoline, wall climbing, horse shoes, a dinosaur dig and horse and pony rides. You had to be 8 to ride the horses, but the pony rides were open to kids up to eight. We bought some ride tickets and were trying to figure out what station we would visit with each boy. Rhett:   I am not old enough to ride the horses. Grandma:   Do you want to ride a pony? NO! No?   Why not? I don’t believe in ponies. Reid:   RHETT!   You don’t believe in unicorns!   They have one horn and are different than ponies! No.   I don’t believe in ponies.   I just think they are small horses.

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  1. Clever boy. 🙂 You’re right; he’s a magician’s worst nightmare. Is he skeptical of movie plot lines yet?

  2. hahaahah! smart boy. ponies are totally a gimmick. they were created by mattel so that barbie’s little sister could have something to play with.

  3. wow. He’s a tough sell. Especially considering ponies were something tangible & right there to be seen, unlike fairies.

    My kids pretend to believe, I think because they are humoring me.