The MUPPETS MOST WANTED movie is being released today and we adored the fun printable activities that accompany this major family event! Here are some fun printable activities & games for MUPPETS MOST WANTED inspired play! 14 Printables for Kids from Muppets Most Wanted Movie - Kids Activities Blog.jpg

How to Draw a Muppet

My kids adore all those how-to-draw tutorials and these will be a big hit at our house.  Here are 5 different how to draw a Muppet instruction sets in an easy printable sheet.  Print off a favorite Muppet or the whole set for a fun Muppet drawing lesson: How to Draw Miss Piggy How to Draw Kermit How to Draw Kermit the Frog  - Kids Activities Blog How to Draw Fozzie Bear How to Draw Beaker How to Draw Animal

Printable Muppet Mazes

Mazes are really big here.  My kids adore them.  Shhh…I like them too.  There is a certain satisfaction that comes along with conquering a maze!  Here is a fun Muppet Maze worksheet that could occupy a few quiet moments: Gonzos Maze Muppets Most Wanted Printable Maze - Kids Activities Blog

Send a Muppet Postcard to a Friend

If you are working on writing skills at home or have a dear friend that just moved, this may be the perfect activity!  Grandma even might enjoy opening her mailbox to one of these Muppet Postcards: Kermit Postcard Gonzo Postcard Constantine Postcard

Make a Muppet Puppet Theater

This is simply awesome!  Print out this template and then create your own muppet movie!  My kids would grab my phone and record the story no matter how convoluted and abstract it might end up.  Click to print this super fun activity for kids: Muppet DIY Theater Muppet Puppet Theater - Kids Activities Blog

Print a Muppet Door Hanger

Most of the door signs in my house instruct siblings to stay away, these are less offensive and are a ton of fun to hang for a surprise or work together to create this door decor: Muppets Most Wanted Door Hanger

Muppet Memory Game

We adore the game of Memory and use it all the time for learning facts, dates and spelling.  This is a simplified version that would fit for almost any age.  Print and play: Muppets Most Wanted Memory Cards

Muppet Coloring Page

You might have noticed that we love coloring pages for kids here at Kids Activities Blog and this is no exception.  It is a Kermit Wanted Poster…poor Kermit.  Grab the crayons and get to work on this adorable coloring page: Kermit Wanted Poster Coloring Page Kermit Wanted Poster Coloring Page - Kids Activities Blog

Muppet Advice on Spying

This simple printable is a fun activity for kids to create an invisible note to send to a friend.  Print and play with these instructions: How to Send Invisible Notes Have all sorts of fun with these.  A big thanks to MUPPETS MOST WANTED for sending all this fun our way! More Fun From Kids Activities Blog Take a look at this silly Muppet Mahna Mahna video!

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