These fun kid  activities are sure to excite your little ones.  There are so many fun ways to play with LIGHT!  A lot of these would be a perfect boredom buster to keep around in case of a power outage.  But even with no reason at all, these are great fun. We’re sharing these light play activities inspired by Where Imagination Grows.

12 Fun Light Play Activities

12 Fun Light Play Activities

1.  Learn how to make  neon rice to use in a sensory bin along with a black light.  This looks so cool! 2.  This fine motor activity is so much fun!  Let your little one cut and squish water beads. 3.  Use a black light and highlighters to make glow in the dark counters.  This is a fun counting activity your kids will enjoy! 4.  This is a simple activity using a clear geoboard, DIY templates, and light table to create letters and shapes. 5.  Take some ordinary balloons, and once you’ve blown them up, insert glow sticks before tying. 6.  Exploring light and shadows with DIY shadow puppets!  A fun activity for all ages. 7.  Try this fun science experiment in color mixing on the light table!  Watch the colors change while bubbling at the same time. 8.  Counting with circles on the light table.  A simple and engaging activity that is great practice for those emerging counting skills! 9.  DIY nature slides and a light table offers a fun way to explore and learn about flowers, seeds, leaves and much more! 10.  A new twist on a fine motor favorite, try threading glowing pasta!  It’s a fun activity for any child to enjoy. 11.  Loose parts play on the light table is a simple way to allow children to create and explore their own way. 12.  Use a package of glow sticks to play Tic TacGlow!  This would be a fun slumber party game to play.

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  1. Where Imagination Grows blog is one of my main reasons for wanting to get a black light! They have so many fun ideas that I just can’t wait to try out!