We took a day trip to Dinosaur Valley yesterday. reid on the rocksFour moms and 3 carloads of boys. Our first stop was Dinosaur World.   I will try and post pictures tomorrow because it is just one of those things you have to see to believe. Our second stop was Big Rock Park in Glen Rose. Guess what? They have really big rocks there. Big Rock Park in Glen RoseAnd a river. Pretty much everything a boy could ask for in an afternoon especially when surrounded by his brothers and friends. It is spring and Texas which means there might be a few undesirable inhabitants of rocks and rivers, so I asked the boys to stay together and watch that they don’t step on a snake.   They roamed the rocks and river in noisy herds. Any small rock they found was skipped into the river…ping, ping, ping. Any medium rock they found was team-lifted into the river…kerplunk. Any large rock was scaled and claimed their own. We ate a picnic on the tallest, flattest peak. Reid(7) asked if he could walk to the car and get a towel.   The parking lot was within unlocking distance so I unlocked the car and watched as he made his way to the truck.   He reached into the car, grabbed a towel and then let out a scream of terror. He ran in panic shrieking toward where we were sitting. His running pattern was quick, yet circular.   There wasn’t anyone within miles that couldn’t hear his fear. I saw a wasp! Yes, I said saw. Not stung, saw. There are approximately 4.2 million wasps living in our front yard.   It is a daily occurrence to see a wasp. He ran directly to me and climbed on my lap to be comforted over the wasp horror. Meanwhile, Ryan(10) and his friend had been exploring the river nearby sticks in hand.   Two flashes of boy speed came running toward us silently.     They came to a sliding halt next to the group. Gasping for air they reported, “We lifted up a hat we found in the river with our stick and underneath it was a poisonous snake!” Reid looked up and said… Can you take me to see it?

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