Toddler games are a great source of fun and learning for our little ones.  You can’t beat having a good time and learning at the same time!  All of these games can be put together right at home. We found these fun toddler games in our weekly link-up, It’s Playtime!  It’s a great source for finding new kids activities to try.

9 Fun and Easy Toddler Games

 9 Fun and Easy Toddler Games

1.  Guess who made each footprint  is a really fun game that is simple to create.  All you need is your child’s toy characters and playdough. 2.  Turn  cleaning into fun  by making it a game.  Give each child a section to pick up, set a timer and whoever finishes first is the winner. 3.  Personalize the  game of memory  by using photos of family!  Print two photos each of your family members, shuffle and play matching. 4.  For extra fun with those magnetic letters, turn them into a  letter matching game.  Write the letters of the alphabet neatly on a sheet of paper, tape it to the fridge and have them match their magnets to the letters. 5.  Here is a free printable for a  true or false body trivia  game.  Answer true or false questions about the human body. 6.  A fun twist on hide and seek, this cat and mouse game is lots of fun!  The mice get to hide and “squeak” until the cats find them. 7.  Match the sounds of different animals with this free printable and downloading their noises to play for your kids. 8.  Play  flashlight follow  by  having them try to jump into the circle of light while you move it around.  Such a fun game to play at night! 9.  Paint a few rocks to make game pieces for an outdoor game of tic tac toe.  Just draw the game board with chalk and get playing! You can link up your favorite kids activity today at 4pm.

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  1. Toddler games are really fun to play. Something which we will enjoy. Names of toddler games are so different, & its so willing to play.