Finding a toddler game that is fun, age-appropriate and doesn’t bore the adult involved is a challenge, but I think we have the answer! We love playing matching toddler games at our house.  My son loves them and always really enjoys doing things that require he figure something out.  Today we matched his toy figurines feet with the footprint they left behind. It’s an incredibly simple but really fun learning activity!Who Made That Footprint?

What You Need For This Toddler Game:

The first step to setting up this game is to send your child on a toy hunt.  They need to find at least 4 different toys that can make a footprint.  The other step is to grab some play dough.  You can use some that you have on hand or choose one of the many fun play dough recipes we have featured in the past:

How To Play The Footprint Matching Toddler Game:

While he wasn’t looking, in sets of four, I chose toys and stuck their feet in chunks of play dough. I then mixed the order of the footprints and asked him to match them to a toy. He took his time comparing who could have left the print.  It was fun to see the wheels turning in his head trying to figure it out. After he guessed, we went through each print individually and discussed who could have left it and why.  You can talk about things like size, shape, shoes, etc. Then we rolled the dough back out and chose other toys!  As your child gets better at matching, you can increase the number of footprints/toys used or even include extra toys whose footprints are not used to make it more complicated.

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