Managing a healthy relationship with teachers isn’t always easy.  Sometimes it is a match made in heaven for our kids and sometimes it just isn’t.  If you’ve ever wished you could see a teachers point of view on some issues, today is your day!

We are sharing some tips from a special needs teacher and today’s best blog,  Kindergarten & Preschool for Parents and Teachers.  She is offering some of her most valuable thoughts on interacting with your little ones educators.

24 Parenting Tips for Interacting with Teachers

 24 Parenting Tips for Interacting with Teachers

First up is a list of five things parents should avoid saying to a teacher. Number one being, “my child is bored with school.” What do you think?

Here are ten tips to a successful parent teacher conference.  There are also ten tips here for the teacher.  Most important is to stay positive and offer information about your child so the teacher understands them better.

This is one of teacher’s biggest pet peeves – can you guess what it is?  Here’s the answer and four ways to help cure it at home.

If your child likes to give gifts to their teacher, you can help them come up with free things to show their thanks.  Here is a list of five things your child can make for their favorite teacher!

Thank you Susan for sharing these tips with us today!

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