We played with Magic Transfer Art today in a whole bunch of ways.

I was sent two sets of Magic Fun Dough by  Rose Art  – Fairy Tea Party and Volcano Valley.  Since there are only boys at my house, I invited some of my very favorite girls over {and their brothers} to play tea party!

Magic Fun Dough on Kids Activities Blog

I set up the table with an oilcloth table covering since we weren’t really going to have tea.  We were there to play!

Fairy Tea Party

The Fairy Tea Party set has a tea pot {that doubles as a dough extruder and mold}, tea cup, three mushrooms {one of which is a book mold and one spins}, utensils, flowers, cutters, water bottle, Magic Fun Dough and Magic Transfer Art.

What is Magic Transfer Art?

They are tattoos for Magic Fun Dough!

Magic Transfer Art - Magic Fun Dough - Kids Activities Blog

Magic Transfer Art

  1. Flatten dough.  You can use the roller if you want to make it smooth.
  2. Take off the clear plastic covering on the transfer you want to use.
  3. Press it gently into the dough to make sure it is flat.
  4. Moisten the back with the water bottle.
  5. Press with the dough press.
  6. Wait 30 seconds or more {this is the hard part!}.
  7. Peel back the paper.
  8. Use a dough cutter to cut out your princess.
  9. Place the princess on a stand.
  10. Attach the princess to the spinning mushroom.
  11. Spin the princess!

The Magic Transfer Art absorbs the color transfers without changing the color or texture of the dough so once a transfer is played with for awhile, it can be reformed into whatever is dreamt up next!

Playing with Magic Fun Dough - Kids Activities Blog

We made quite a few princesses among all sorts of other things.  The kids played for a long time molding, cutting and placing transfers on the Magic Fun Dough.  Even the little boys didn’t seem to mind the pink-themed fun!

Later we opened the Volcano Valley set.  My older boys put together the volcano extruder and set to creating transfer art in their own way.

Transfer Art Puzzles with Magic Fun Dough

 Transfer Art Puzzles

We called them transfer art puzzles!

The first thing we did was to cut the transfer art tattoos of similar animals.  So instead of having a blue dinosaur, an orange dinosaur and a green dinosaur, we now have three blue, orange and green dinosaurs!

We also experimented with creating transfer art on the dough and then cutting the dough to create a puzzle that you can put together or simply change the dinosaur’s appearance.

My favorite was layering the transfer art.  All of a sudden the dinosaur has a large bone in its mouth or…

Man Eating Dino Transfer Art Creation

…a poor unsuspecting cave man.

Did I mention I have three boys?

RoseArt’s Volcano Valley and  Fairy Tea Party  are two of six new sets.  Three of them are themed with girly themes and the other three are more boyish.  The kits are at great price points:  $9.99, $14.99 and $19.99 which makes them an easy gift to pick up for the holidays, a birthday party or toy drive.  The dough accessory packs are only $3.99 to “refill” the kits.

The kits are created with kids ages 3-7 in mind.

Magic Fun Dough Princess on Kids Activities Blog

You can find the Magic Fun Dough kits at Walmart, Target and on Amazon.  In stores, they are found on the craft aisle.

Y’all know us here at Kids Activities Blog, we adore toys that are sparked by imagination and can be played with a million different ways.

RoseArt is celebrating their 90th Anniversary this year.  In honor of this, they are hosting a FB sweepstakes full of lots of fun weekly prizes as well as a $1000 VISA gift card for holiday spending – ENTER HERE.

Thanks so much to RoseArt for sponsoring this party and post.  Next time we get the kids together, we are going to make a volcano!

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