Science labs are a wonderful way to begin experimenting.  We love discovering ways to play with science and now we have some labs to try with the older children!  This is also a great resource for teachers. Today’s best blog feature, STEM Mom, is sharing 8 science labs that you can do with your children.  Many of these come with a free printable to help document your findings. sciencelabs

8 {Kid Friendly} Science Labs

1.  Bread on the Rise – Test and find: what ingredient makes bread rise?  Make your hypotheses and test them out! 2.  Menacing  Microbes  – A fun and creative way  to learn about viruses, bacteria and other microscopic phenomenon! 3.  Experiement: Can Worms Smell  – Test a worm to find out if it can smell or not. 4.  Living, Non-Living or Dead  – Examine the characteristics of what it means to be alive.  Then, explore animals, plants, nature etc and determine whether it is living or non-living. 5.  Glow In The Dark Oobleck  – Discover what happens when you mix cornstarch and water and then make it glow! 6.  Marine Oil Spill lab  – Explore what is the best material to clean up an oil spill. 7.  Leaf Rubbing – Combining art and science, kids make observations about leaves while creating art.  This one is perfect for the smallest scientist. 8.  Color and Light Lab – Determine the difference between additive colors and subtractive colors by studying light, prisms and refraction. Thank you for sharing these science labs, STEM mom!

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