Fun math? Some would say there is no such thing.  I’m here to show you there is!  Math is an essential part of learning, and since it’s a requirement anyway, why not try and learn it in a FUN way? That’s why we’re sharing some ways to practice fun math with your kids.  These are some great posts we found for you over at our kids meme, It’s Playtime!   mathactivities2

 6 Ways to Practice Fun Math

1.  Use this monster matching dice game for number recognition and counting.  This is perfect for a preschool age child and comes with a free printable! 2.  Incorporate toys for lots of fun math.  You can write down a number on a sheet of paper and have them add that number of items to it.  Grab some little figurines from the dollar store for this one! 3.  One of the most fun ways for kids to learn is on their electronic device.  Here are six free math apps for your preschooler to try. 4.  Try a new spin on bowling by adding numbers to each plastic pin (or make your own with empty water bottles).  They can practice math by counting how many they knocked down or checking each pin to see which number they hit. 5.  These free printable counting cards are perfect for practicing fun math.  They get to count how many objects are on the card and then clip a clothespin to the corresponding number.  These are cute and creative! 6.  Even snack time can involve a little math!  Here are a list of five fun ways to involve math in your snacking.  One easy way is to make patterns: grape, cheese, grape, cheese, etc. Come back and share YOUR favorite kids activity with us today at 4pm!

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