Math games can be a wonderful way to work on math with your kids but have fun doing it.  Any time you can have fun while learning  you’re bound to get your kids attention.  They might not even realize they’re learning! Here is a list of fun math games for you and your  family  from Kids Activities Blog It’s Playtime! meme. 13 Fun Math Games

13 Fun Math Games

1.  They’ll never know they are practicing math skills with this fun pretend shopping game  using play money. 2.  Get your preschoolers out in the fresh air while also introducing math in a really fun and creative way. 3. Create your own measurement tool to find out how tall you and the members of your family are in feet. 4.  Match each ladybug with their other half by finding which one has the same number of spots. 5.  Decorate ladybugs with their black spots and count how many each has.  Use number magnets to mark each one. 6.  Here are 16 different ladybug math games for all ages with free printables! 7.  A craft and a math game in one!  Create a math muncher to learn greater than, less than and equal to. 8.  Draw an apple, then cut it into halves, thirds or fourths for simple fraction learning. 9.  These hands on math activities incorporate math with a coordinating letter of the alphabet. 10.  Make your own number book to practice counting, number recognition and fine motor skills.  Free printable included! 11.  This math game combines numbers and coloring and a little competition. 12.  Here’s a math game for the boys!  Practice number recognition while playing with race cars. 13.  Increase activity and gross motor skills while learning to count by fives at the same time. If you have your own kids activities to share, be sure to come back and visit our  It's Playtime!  link up later this afternoon.

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