word-worldIf your kids are like mine you hear this a lot during the day, “Can I watch a movie?” or “Can we watch TV?” A friend of mine came up with a solution to the incessant question–movie or tv tickets. We started using them this week. For our house we chose to give both children one movie “ticket” and two tv “tickets” for each week. They are free to ask to use a ticket when they want, and it will most likely mean they will get to watch what they are asking for. However Mom or Dad still reserve the right to deny the request if it is not appropriate, like they ask right before a planned errand or bedtime etc. Also, Mom or Dad can decide to turn the tv on without their spending a ticket (like when Mom makes lunch and chooses to turn on Word World). So far it is working pretty well. Of course my son wanted to use his movie ticket right away after we made them. And he had some confusion about using them when Mom decides to have the tv on. However, I think it will help with the asking and even the amount of tv watched in a week.

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