A Literal Reading Adventure with Alice in Wonderland

When it comes to books, I am very old school.  I like the feel of the cover, turning the pages and folding down the corner instead of locating my bookmark.  The last time I bought a book for my eReader, I ended up picking up the book copy to finish the story just because it felt more comfortable.

Literal Reading Adventure with Alice in Wonderland with Kids Activities Blog

It had never occurred to me to use my iPad for kids’ stories.  They play games and watch videos on it, but reading has always been with real life books with pages.

The Alicewinks iBook changed the way I think about children’s literature on my iPad.  It isn’t a movie, it IS a book.  It is a book that artfully animates the gorgeous illustrations of Alice in Wonderland editions of the past seamlessly into a captivating story.  Many of these illustrations were familiar to me and it was a unique way to introduce them to my boys.

Alicewinks is set up as an eBook featuring artwork from many of the stories’ versions.  You can read it in a traditional manner with the introduction to multiple great artists or you can watch the video of each chapter which is narrated and emphasized with voices.  In the video chapter, the artwork comes to life changing from one artist’s vision to another as the story unfolds.  I have never seen anything quite like it.  It is fun to take a tour of these illustrator’s minds as they describe the text with pictures.  Each  interpreted the same words so differently, yet when weaved together together they inspire even more imagination.

What I loved about the book:

  • Creative Way to Introduce my Kids to this Story – I love reading aloud.  This summer we have read Laura Ingall’s  Farmer Boy and E.B. White’s The Trumpet of the Swan.  Sharing favorite childhood books with my boys reminds me of reading these stories for the first time while spending quality time with them.
  • Gorgeous Illustrations – I am an art junkie.  I love illustrated literature.  I will buy a book just because the pictures are pretty.  This book honors the original artwork to an elevated level.  Twelve early 20th century artists are represented in the 193 original illustrations.
  • Gives Me a Reading Break – Although I love reading aloud, I can get tired with the “just 1 more chapter” pleas.  It was fun to be a listener instead of a reader for once!
  • It is a Great Story – It is the 150th Anniversary of Alice’s Adventure’s in Wonderland.  There is a reason why people have been reading this story for 150 years…it is good.

That is the bottom line, parents have been reading this story to their kids for generations as part of family time.  Alicewinks gives modern parents a way to share it with their kids in a way that pays tribute to tradition, yet holds the attention of wiggly kids.

In celebration of the 150th Anniversary of Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland, Alicewinks brings the story's classic illustrations to life for digital audiences through animated video and rich narration. To download this one of a kind iBook, visit iTunes.com/alicewinks

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Alicewinks. The opinions and text are all mine.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Alicewinks.  The opinions and text are all mine.