Baby Boo Crawl

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Planning for your first baby?   Burbmom has discovered a unique one-of-a-kind way for you to get started!   A group of local businesses, including Burbmom, have joined together to create a fun and productive way to help expecting women prepare for baby.

Peekaboo Design Group, owned by Kim Hendry, is presenting the first ever Baby Boo Crawl.   babyboocrawl5x7portrait

We were looking for a fun way to help expecting Moms prepare for baby,” says owner Kim Hendry, We came up with the ultimate semi-private baby fair on wheels! 

The event will start at Lone Star Baby in Dallas where 5 Moms-to-be and a friend will board the baby planning bus.   Guests will sip cherry lemonade and enjoy pressure point massages as they tour the town getting first hand advice from local professionals such as Jack Smith of Infant House Baby Proofing and Jennifer Barnard of Baby Begin.

The guests will discover fun food and drink at stops like Baby Bliss and Pickles and Ice Cream where they ™ll learn the hottest trends in nursery design, photography, maternity wear and the latest in pampering Mom, Dad & the Grandparents.

Each woman will be given a clipboard where she can keep notes.   At the end of the trip Peekaboo will collect the notes to create a personal planning guide along with a nursery color and product board to help the parents prepare.

Renee Gibson, baby planning partner for Peekaboo Design Group says, Our job is to make sure that the Moms walk away from the day feeling like they ™ve accomplished almost all of their checklists. 

After helping dozens of couples prepare for baby I ™ve always thought this would be the simplest and most efficient way to help expecting parents prepare,  Hendry said.

The event will be held Saturday June 6th 10am-2pm.   The cost is $150 for 2 and includes food, drink, transportation and a personal baby planning & nursery design consultation with Peekaboo.

To register, see the link at

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