Here are a few suggestions that can cross “Gifts for teacher” right off your to-do list.   I tried to find things that were a little unique, reasonably priced and convenient so it can be picked up in conjunction with other errands…

Here is what I found:

Teacher gifts are sometimes hard to find…

You don’t want to spend too much, but you want something nice.

You don’t want to get something that he/she will have 28 of by the end of the week, but you want something that he/she will like.

I added the items priced at $20 because I often find myself buying something for the teacher from the class.

Happy Teacher Gift Shopping!

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  1. The WIK candle warmer is a GREAT idea! Obviously, teachers can’t have an open flame in the classroom. But that little plug-in hotplate to warm your candle and still release the heavenly WIK scents? PERFECT! I wish when I had been a teacher that someone would have given me a gift like this. Classrooms get stinky 🙂