Our little Betta fish died Saturday morning.   Alpha was our first.   Rainbow was our second Betta, and Sapphire is our third.
I was always touched when Butter said good-night to her family…
Good-night Daddy!
Good-night Peanut and Pumpkin…
Good-night Rainbow.
(good-night to a fish! I would think…)
I don’t think she ever forgot to tell him good-night.
With our first fish, getting all the supplies was a given.
We have had cats. But, we had never had a fish.
We started with a Betta tank. Okay, that was easy.
Next we had to pick out the rock. Oh, so many colors to choose from.
Finally Butter decides on Aqua blue. Perfect.
Then, we decide the fish needs something else in his tank.
You know, some home décor . (really! It's called décor!)
Who would have thought there were so many types of plants to choose from?
A spiky, bright green one catches her eye.
We head home with our $4.00 fish, food, water conditioner, tank, gravel, and décor (for the fish!).
Yep…about $35.00.
Life is good; for everyone…including the fish.
When Alpha passed away I figure we’d go to the store, get a new fish.
Our family will be complete again.
Oh, but no. The Big Dog and Butter come home with a new Betta and new gravel; this time it’s neon multi color.
It looked really good with the fish.
But, of course that’s not all… we need new décor (for the fish!)
Not one, but two plants. A green frilly one and a hot pink one.
Perfect with the assorted neon rock.
And that brings us to Sapphire.
He’s a beautiful fish. And full of spunk.
What fish wouldn’t be?
He has lovely ruby red gravel and of course some new décor.
The ruby red gravel is accented with large crystal-blue “jewels”.
And the new plant beats all…
It glows in the dark…really!
It's good to be a fish at our house.
Our family is complete again.
Da Heat, Stir Frequently, Butter Bean, Pumpkin, Peanut and Sapphire, the Betta Fish.

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