One of the best things about twitter is that it is limited to 140 characters. Since I like to talk (and talk and talk) at first I found this challenging. I love a challenge and it appears that many other people in the metroplex do as well. @BurbMom follows DFW tweeps and wants to know what they think so we are periodically conducting short attention span interviews.

Short Attention Span Interviews FEAT

The short question: What are you looking forward to or dreading about kids going back to school? The short answers: @winonaop: I dread the alarm clock. Summer is scheduled with no real schedule. @Lizann33: I’m dreading getting up early & rushing to get my slow moving kids to school. Looking forward to doing errands w/o 3 kiddos @BobbiJanay: the kids in our complex yelling and screaming at the bus stop in front of our set of townhomes at 6:45 am @MetroplexBaby: Dreading two separate drop-offs, both before 8:05 a.m. @RealPoshMom: Dreading getting up early, packing lunches and getting the kiddos ready…looking forward to some downtime 🙂 @FortWorthCajun: Dreading: the drive.   Looking forward to: The daily structure. @Texasholly: I am excited about sending TWO kids to school, I am dreading sending TWO kids to school. I am very complicated. To get involved in short attention span interviews, please follow @BurbMom on twitter and respond to questions old, new or made up…there are no rules. We just want to hear what you have to say.

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