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I told you all in an earlier post that I had read a book by Carol Tuttle –  Dressing Your Truth…..Discover your Beauty Profile.

I was pretty excited about what it was teaching me, and it was causing me to really examine my personality and how it’s changed over the years. At the end of the post I told you all that I was going to do the  Online Course, and that I’d let you know what I thought.

dressing your truth screen shot

(The Dressing Your Truth online course has a portal that looks like this above- it allows you to go to several areas. Each area has a set of videos to help you learn)

Wow. Can I just tell you how many times I’ve watched the course, and the club night videos? It’s really supported me in realizing well, the truth, that I’m a Type 1- but that a lot of the fun and extroversion that typically comes with that type is something I haven’t allowed in myself in my adult years. I really struggled with whether or not I could still be a Type 1- when I’m really a pretty shy person.

One thing that has helped me… was a great suggestion made to me by one of the members of the Dressing Your Truth forum (available to all the people that have taken the course). She suggested I try doing small Type1 things- and I’ve found that actually encourages me to be more open and animated- and less guarded! The small steps are helping me get my inside and outside aligned. Thank you forum members that helped me!

What kind of   small Type 1 things am I doing? Well, some things were really small like I added this little whimsical bright flower to my key chain. I’d had it for a while- but I guess I didn’t think it was very adult to have it on my key chain? But it’s animated and random- just like Type 1. And ever since I added it- it makes me smile whenever I see it!

key chain with pink flower

What about a bigger change? Before I moved to Texas I lived for 10 years in NYC- and as you may have heard- its basically a law that you wear black there. Like all the time. And one of the things the Dressing Your Truth online course taught me about my type (Type 1) is that I should be wearing colors in tints that are basically light and bright. And umm- NO BLACK.

So I’ve been slowly trying to wean myself from my beloved black- into brighter shades. Even *GASP* YELLOW!!! See picture evidence below – Possibly the only pic in existence where I am in yellow!

red head lady in yellow sweater

I’m taking baby steps.

I’m hoping that maybe in a month or two I’ll have gotten the hang of things even more.

I also plan to cut my hair and add some highlights per a suggestion in the course in the next couple weeks.

Ultimately- I’m just grateful to have taken this journey and to have spent the time thinking about who I am as a person. Really considering it.

And then trying to find ways to honor that- rather than to conform to what’s in style or what I think society wants me to be like.

This program has really helped me to appreciate the strengths of many different personality types as well as my own.

And that’s helped me to better see the beauty in everyone I know.

Let me know if you are interested in hearing more about the Dressing Your Truth concept- and I’ll be happy to share more blogs or video blogs talking about my experiences with it:)

For more check out:http://milkandcuddles.com/

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  1. Just found dressing your truth and I think I’m a type 1 also. I’m having a hard time with my hair. Any suggestions? What are the best styles for type 1s and how do you style type one hair?

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