With Love…From Mexico

There has been a lot in the news lately about the dangers of travelling to Mexico.   We had been planning a getaway to Cancun, Mexico for a few months as the reports seemed to get more prevelent.   It was crime this, drugs that, murder this and so on…   Terms that make you want to stay in your safe little ‘burb.

And although the ‘burb does have safety, it does not come equipped with an abundance of beaches, pool boys, ocean breeze, Margaritas (ok, maybe I can get these over at Pollo Salsa, Anamias…ok, maybe there are good Margaritas on every corner.)   Anyhow – the point is that I needed to get out of the ‘burb. I really needed to get off the computer, away from the kids and alone with my husband.   In Mexico.

Mexico…sweet Mexico…is a quick 2 hour plane ride away.   CNN & Anderson Cooper were not going to put a damper on my vacation.

I wont say that we were 100% confident and at ease when we arrived in Cancun, but that was quickly put to rest.   Cancun was as safe as ever.   We would walk down the strip every morning and evening to visit shops, restaurants & even the local Chili’s.   **I can’t seem to stay away from America for too long!**   The locals were as nice and pushy as ever.   Everything was as it should be in Mexico.


I made it back to the ‘burb in one sunburnt & relaxed piece.   Mexico was good to me.

Shauna also rambles on over at Blah Blah Blog.   You can find more pictures from Mexico over there this week!

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  1. I am SO glad you posted this!!! We used to visit Cancun every summer and quit about 4 years ago. Just two days ago, we booked a trip for February to Cancun and we both were questioning whether this was smart or not.

    I am thrilled you felt safe & had a great time. I can’t wait to go back again!!!

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