Wednesday – My kitchen reveal

shauna profileMany of you may know that I have been working on my kitchen!   My husband and I have been working toward the title of Ultimate DIYers.   We are nearly there!

This kitchen of ours has been through a lot in a measly 2.5 years.

Wood cabinets, white cabinets, accents on the white, black cabinets and now fancy butcher block counter tops and a new backsplash!   Totally love it.

And this is not the end – something has to happen with the cabinets now…yes, again.
Check out the most recent picture below:butcherblockcounters


  1. Oh sweet Mary…The cabinets..not again…



  2. W-O-W. Is this even the same kitchen?!?!! I Love it! And beyond becoming the “ultimate DIYers” I think you two are also on the fast track to CRAZY! Not the cabinets – AGAIN! LOL

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