Parent Teacher Conference Suprise

I semi-dread parent teacher conferences and let me explain why:

1. My communication profile is different than that of a teacher for the most part. I just talk different, if that sentence was confusing to you. I got a large dose of sarcastic from the Communication Fairy and that just doesn't blend well with most kindergarten teachers (or a lot of other people for that matter).

2. I adore my kids & even though I can laugh off most of their mishaps on my blog “ it makes me sad to think that someone else would notice their mishaps/struggles,etc. I feel a little mother-bearish when I walk into their school.

3. Like many moms “ I take on my kids academic struggles as something of a failure on my part. NOTE: I am so much better at this than I have been in the past ¦but it still creeps in sometimes.

Anyhow “ all of that being said “ my kids ™ teachers are wonderful! Their progress is amazing. They are both well behaved at school. Nothing but goodness from the PT Conference.

And here is the best part ¦an excerpt from Mackenzie's journal ¦.

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