Away in a Hilton

As I sat down to play with my two little ones this morning, I realized that perhaps we need a bit more instruction on the whole Birth of Jesus story here at Casa de Phillips.

A few years ago, Santa graced us with a wonderful Little People Christmas train. This toy lives in our attic all year, except during the month of December when we pull it down for all to enjoy.

Away in a Hilton 1

This morning I plopped down on the carpet to play Little People for awhile and had quite the lesson on Baby Jesus from my son. According to him, the stable featured in the below picture is the hotel where Baby Jesus lived. Baby Jesus also likes to ride with Santa on his Christmas train and deliver presents to all the boys and girls, mommies and daddies. Also, there were apparently a few guests at the birth of our Lord that were left out of the original recount. If you look closely at the picture, you will see Noah’s ark to the right of the light pole and various Little People scattered about the scene.

Away in a Hilton 2

Although  he thought I was kidding about Jesus not being born in a hotel, he did let me convince him that the elf in the green hat was not Mary, as he originally had assumed.


I guess this is what happens when children are raised in suburbs surrounded by mega-hotels as opposed to being brought up in the country filled with stables.

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  1. So funny! Our baby Jesus is hanging out in our master bathroom right now for some reason.

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