Boredom Buster: Sorting!

What to do when kids start to say “I’m bored!”??

Pull out that muffin tin & have some fun sorting!

little boy with muffin tin of nuts

Here, Reese is sorting nuts left over from last fall.   He chose to sort them by type, then by texture.     What else can you find in your house to sort?     Check your pantry…a few scoops of dry beans, pastas, nuts, candies, dry cereals, gummy snacks.   Check the garage…nuts, bolts, screws.   Get creative!

For whatever reason, having the muffin tin to sort the items in was so exciting! 🙂

Come see what other sorts of fun Heather is having over at Reese’s View of the World!

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  1. Great idea. My 9 year old is always bored and my 7 year old just entertains himself. I really wish they were never bored because I know that’s where the fighting comes in!

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