Grande brought home a pocketful of little foam hearts for me from Vacation Bible School one day.   Be still my mommy heart!   All that love pouring out of a five year olds little pocket.

I love those hearts.

I see them often.   I collect them in a glass jar over the kitchen sink.   When nearly all of them are there, I take them out and spread them around the house.   In the toy box, next to their toothbrushes, in their beds, around the schoolroom, etc.   And whenever one of my boys finds one they come running to me.   Faces upturned and smiling, they say here Mami, it's for you!

And I ™m reminded of their love.

You see those little hearts are tools they can use to share their love for me.   Kind of like worship is a tool we have to show our love for God.

There are so many ways my children can show love, but it all starts with me.   If I hadn't loved them since before they were born, if I hadn't shown them love their whole lives, it would be hard for them to know how to love.   They love me, because I have loved them.

Just the way we love God, because he loves us.

Do you have any foam hearts the Lord has given you?   Why not use them today to show your love for Him.


We love because he first loved us.

1 John 4:19

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